Rumor Killers: Dead Space 2 on PSP, Gran Turismo 5 in Fall, New Nintendo Hardware

Martin Gaston of TheGameReviews gives his verdict on rumors of Dead Space 2 coming to the PSP, Gran Turismo 5 arriving this Fall, and New Nintendo hardware on the way that could be the Wii HD.

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Haly2931d ago

It'd be about time for Gran Turismo 5 to finally show up

SlamVanderhuge2931d ago

Amazing how often this game has been delayed. It better not just be GT4HD

BWS19822931d ago

is the only version of GT 5 to be delayed at all thus far. It has had a TBD release date otherwise/elsewhere, never one in stone or confirmed. So, you can't delay something that has no set moment in time, can you now?

I'm not even a racing game fan and I have read that all over the place (hard to miss if you read up on this stuff)...

BetaChris2931d ago

My crystal ball says... 11/1 for GT5, the Wii HD/Wii 2 announced by E3 this year, and no Dead Space love on the PSP.

Gran Touring2931d ago

hmmn, I'd have to see Sony's E3 lineup before drawing any conclusion to GT5's release date.

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ZILLA2930d ago

if it plays anything like GOD OF WAR CoO did im all over it!