Top 10 Movies that Would Make Horrible Games

From the feature top ten list:

"Film adaptations of video games suck. Video game versions of films suck, with one or two exceptions. The debate over which cross-over media is worse could rage for years. I firmly believe that of the two tie-in games are far, far worse. Film adaptations have the fringe benefit of the eternal B movie status, where they can be so poorly done as to be good for a laugh. Bad video games however are mechanically poor and fight you the whole way, with generally poor production values. That being said, here are some games that I'm thankful never got this marketing blitz treatment; the Top 10 Movies that Would Make Horrible Games."

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UltimaEnder2988d ago

LOL at number one, gotta agree 100% thought; I can't believe they haven't made a game based on it yet....good fun weekend list!

mrv3212988d ago

I think the article should be most watched films because Twilight is not what I'd call a good film.

Oztheboss2987d ago

I watched something called "Halo: Legends" the other day... it would fit pretty well into that list.