PlayStation LifeStyle - Dante's Inferno Review


When Dante's Inferno was announced, many viewed it as a ripoff of our beloved PlayStation franchise, God of War. Now that the game has finally been released, it is time to see if it is worthy of a purchase with the God of War III release right around the corner. The game is being published by Electronic Arts and developed by Visceral Games. As the player, you take on the role of Dante, a protagonist who has lost everything. He begins his descent into Hell armed with Death's scythe and a cross. The game has many connections to "Inferno," written by poet Dante Alighieri, and is a part of "The Divine Comedy."

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Bnet3433081d ago

Seems like an okay game. I wouldn't mind picking this up from the bargain bin some day. The demo wasn't bad. Good review.

user94220773081d ago

ye, the demo was fun. I would at least give it a rental at best

LinuxGuru3081d ago

I watched the animated film. It's pretty much the story of the entire game. Now I don't feel compelled to play it! lol