Remedy doesn't know how Alan Wake will end

Alan Wake developer Remedy has not yet nailed down how the story of the game will end - telling CVG it expects "things to change along the way".

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swiftshot932930d ago

I thought they already had an ending and it was supposed to be something we've never seen in a game before?

3sq2930d ago

Well they also said it was an open-world sandbox game. :P

WMW2930d ago

they had to say something to keep people interested after 5 years of waiting.

alphakennybody2930d ago

So pretty much comfirme episodic DLC?

Saaking2930d ago

If it sells well, MS will start milking it. If it doesn't do as well, there may be a sequel, but knowing how greedy MS is there probably won't be.

ryhanon2930d ago

The more they flap their lips about this game the less interested I become. A few months ago this sounded like a great game I couldn't wait to get my hands on and now, a few months from release, it sounds like an incomplete experience that I'm more likely to avoid.

Active Reload2930d ago

It will more than likely end with...a 360 controller in someone's hand...I guarantee.

Hisiru2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

They are probably talking about the entire series and not the first game, since they said that this game will probably become a franchise.

And "things to change along the way" is extremely relative.

"How Alan Wake as a WHOLE will end?". Yeah, they are probably talking about the franchise, the first game already has an end.

multipayer2930d ago

Maybe Alan discovers he is stuck in the board game called Jumanji.

ryhanon2930d ago

That may very well be true, but hearing that they're basically making things up as they go along instead of having the core story mapped out ahead of time, does not give me much hope for the future of this franchise.

The game still looks great, my concern stems only from the continually baffling comments they make about it. I think they'd be better served to just shut up and let the game speak for itself.

hops2cents2930d ago

repeat after me Remedy, "a-m-a-z-i-n-g", "The end will be amazing".

Jeez, where's the PR help for these guys, i did not need to know they're wingin it. But whatever, still gonna get it.

Hisiru2930d ago

Well, I agree with you on everything you said.

we won2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Hi Alan Wake, welcome to the 360 exclusive club bash fest hosted by PS3 fanboys. Even the PC fanboys are getting in on this joining PS3 fanboys. I guess everybody wanted to play this and PS3 fanboys wanted to use PC as an excuse to discredit the game- if they were not planning on buying it on PC.

#2 is the only person in here that knows what he is talking about.

A Cupcake for Gabe2930d ago

I was very much hyped for this until I found out it wasn't an open world mystery game, and it was a flashlight killing, silent hill rip..

and the more I hear about how Alan Wake is bigger than the friggin' "fives years of development" 360 game, I am turned away even more. Alan Wake is becoming more and more, an uninteresting game out side some nice lighting. But I'll get a great game with sweet lighting and fun in another 360 game called Splinter Cell Conviction..If I'm not busy playing Last Gaurdian, Heavy Rain, FFXIII, God of War III, or a ton of other games coming out this year.

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3sq2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

Simple, the whole thing was just a dream, then he wakes up, end.

XXXCouture2930d ago

if that seriously happens im gonna laugh so hard. knowing remedy though, i know theyll come up with something better

Michael-Jackson2930d ago (Edited 2930d ago )

his brother, great way to introduce co-op and a better story = Win ;D

gamer78042930d ago

The game was designed to have a series of episodes (dlc), its safe to say they haven't decided how each of them beyond the main game will end.

respawnaction2930d ago

they said the game will have episodes, and that this game only finishes this episode.

Demarco1562930d ago

duke nuken foreveeeeeeeeer

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