CVG: Is Bioshock 2 better than the original?

CVG writes: The return to Rapture sparks another heated team debate.

Don't get me wrong: BioShock is one of my favourite games of all time. But it's clear that it's far from perfect. As a shooter it feels lightweight and archaic, and the narrative slows to an unsatisfying crawlinthe ?nal chapters after the 'Would you kindly?' reveal. These are two things the sequel noticeably ?xes.

I think it all boils down to one thing - you only get one chance to make a first impression. The initial descent down the bathysphere. The first time you come face-to-dismembered face with a splicer. The first time you hear a Big Daddy clunking down a hallway. That splicer with the pram. The disturbing imagery on the walls of Dr Steinman's office. That reveal. These are the moments people will talk about ten, twenty, even fifty years from now.

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Nitrowolf22900d ago

i personally didn't think it was better then the first game. Its a great game but to me the first game felt bigger and had more things to do.
i liked the ending clip a bit, and also leaves me to think the next Bioshock game will be playing as a Big Sister and will take place outside of Rapture
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NewZealander2900d ago

hell no, i fully regret buying BS2.

i dont know what they did but the story just sucks, and some of the textures really make wonder how much they cared about the project, graphics are meant to get better not WORSE!

Bigbangbing2900d ago

bloody no.

can't wait to see what Ken Levine is cooking.

Lord Vader2900d ago

The MP is sad, the graphics & story are worse than Bioshock 1 ?!?

Mines on eBay as we speak.

jack_burt0n2900d ago

4 and half hours of mediocre entertainment vs one of the best games of the generation.

Levine FTMFW.

raztad2900d ago (Edited 2900d ago )

"As a shooter it feels lightweight and archaic" Agreed.

Additionally the PS3 version has a non-customizable control layout, resembling xbox's (R1 for changing weapons and R2 for firing), it was a pain in the azz.

The atmosphere and RPG elements made Bioshock a great game, if they fixed the shooting, the sequel is better by default.

TooTall192900d ago

you can customize the controls on both mp and sp on ps3. I like bioshock 2 better.

Matthew942900d ago

bioshock 2 was better but it was too short and way too easy

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