Peter Molyneux: "Fable III will have proper co-op and the first co-op marriage"

Fable II was a fantastic game, one filled with great combat, hilarious moments and a wonderful personality morphing dog. But one thing that Fable II really dropped the ball in was the co-op experience. Fable III plans to rectify it.

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kissmeimgreek3053d ago

im sold on coop as long as you dont have to share the same screen again. it really ruined the second one.

Bungie3053d ago

and with the ability to reach and touch people , having babies is now more interactive !

Bigbangbing3053d ago

yay can't wait to touch a gay partner, and get married :D

villevalorox3053d ago

That's a bit creepy..... Considering we all know little kids will be playing this alongside adults :S

Saaking3053d ago

co-op marriage? I don't know if that's funny or sad. Nope, it's funny haha.

FlameBaitGod3053d ago

Yeah man!! awesome!! wouldnt it be cool to have 13 and 15 year olds marrying 30-40 & 50 year olds!! WHOOT!!!! LOL /S

That game will be popular, will be full of pedophiles LOL!

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Wizziokid3053d ago

good to hear, the coop on the second game wasn't impressive since you couldn't even use your character (unless hosting) and the whole sharing screen thing has to go, don't think it will though, i think it's to keep the player in the same area instead of them being on complete different ends of the map.

air13053d ago

this guy is annoying..

he is such a hype train but never makes it on board...

Theonik3053d ago

Agreed, anyone forget how he claimed that in fable 1 you would be able to plat an acorn and watch as it develops into a tree? Seriously i have no issue with his games but he talks more bull than any other dev out there.

3053d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.