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Submitted by xPsycologik 2190d ago | review

Heavy Rain Review - ActualGamer

All you read me here, surely you have noticed I feel a weakness for the Playstation 3 game, Heavy Rain. From the first moment that I knew of the existence of the game and its programming, I have been acutely aware of everything what has happened around el.Cada screen each video ... all I have followed with utmost care and the truth is that the game came to my mind whenever I saw something more of Heavy Rain, and bridging the differences, reminded me of the wonderful experience that I lived to play SEGA Dreamcast Shenmue.

Well ... not surprisingly I could not resist the temptation to try the DEMO, I launched it and that his Bengal Tiger presa. I enjoyed it, the demo has more than fulfilled the expectations placed on the game, I enjoyed, allowing the expression, "a dwarf". But one thing is for DEMO and a complete set. Although the DEMO of you, a very close, the final version of the game. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 95/100

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Blaster_Master  +   2191d ago
Sony obviously wants to give the fans what we want regardless of metacritic and what the media says. I tried the demo and was not really impressed, but Sony made up for that when they gave me WKC, Im so very pleased with Sony right now. I wouldn't even need a 360 if it wasn't for ME2.
rdgneoz3  +   2190d ago
I tried the demo and I was impressed by it. Playing WKC atm till it comes out (got my GR to 7 and Georama to lvl 5).
donator  +   2190d ago
Well ... not surprisingly I could not resist the temptation to try the DEMO, I launched it and that his Bengal Tiger presa.

Gotta love these translations!
Bathyj  +   2190d ago
The demo was awesome. The graphics are insane as we all know, but the gameplay itself was gripping.

I want to insult all the haters right now for being ignorant, but instead I'm going the other way and reassure the people who might be fence sitting.


First of all, QTE's. The demo only had two I can think of in the whole demo, first, the fight scene. Let me clarify, went you walk up to a door and it says push up on the right stick to open, that IS NOT a QTE. Its a context sensitive control. No different from Zelda which has one button to open doors, lift clay pots, throw rocks etc.

The fight was a QTE and what you'd expect, but it was so quick and exciting. It really got my heart pumping, and if you miss one button, you dont fail the whole thing. You must have to miss more to fail outright. Great fight.

The other QTE was even better. The PI has athsmer. You had to take your inhaler from the correct pocket, shake it, and have a toke. This bit was awesome as well. I seriously got so sucked into this sequence when I finally put the inhaler in my mouth I myself literally had to take a deep breathe because I hadnt realised i was holding it. Think about that for a second. Thats the sort of immersion this game has. Thats the sort of connection the haters arent understanding. Wait til you actually start to care about the characters and something like that happens.

Now alot of the bedroom scene was like a cut scene with you controlling in between asking questions and searching the room. This doesnt make it an interactive movie. How is it any different to say Mass Effect where you have a dialouge tree? At least in Heavy Rain you get an animated cut scene where other games with similar situations might just have you reading a wall of text. In essense they are means to the same ends, but Heavy Rains method draws you in so much more. And how is a cut scene any different to life anyway? If you ask someone a question to get the answer you must stand there and listen.

As for the FBI agents scene, it was no different any 3rd person adventure game like Alone in the dark, Silent Hill, Resident Evil. I'm not talking about combat, or the horror element, I mean you walk around, you serch the area for clues, you can go up to anyone and ask one of 5 or 6 questions. In other words, its NOTHING BUT GAMEPLAY. BTW his glasses are awesome. I dont know how they fit into the story but they are a great gameplay mechanic to help you search for clues.

I hope this helped people who might have still been thinking about whether to get this or not. Its not going to be an action fest but it is going to have parts where you truely care about the outcome. If you can handle the slower than a shooter pace, then I cant see how this game can miss.
chaosatom  +   2190d ago
hey guys PLAY THE DEMO a few times, there is lots to be seen, I'll list some of them here.
For example, (spoilers of demo)

1) if you hit everything perfectly in fight scene, your character doesn't get bruised. If you don't hit anything, then your character get bruised badly.

2) If you wait outside for a bit, and let the guy beat her up a bit. You see a bruise on her face.

3) If you don't do ANY of the options for a while when talking, you just walk out.

4) If you don't do the Buy her option, then it opens up a whole new set of dialogues.

5) IMPORTANT: HAVE YOUR GAMMA UP in second section, so you can see clearly, and follow the trail up the hill.
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GrandTheftZamboni  +   2190d ago
"I seriously got so sucked into this sequence when I finally put the inhaler in my mouth"
You mean you put inhaler in HIS mouth? J/K. I played that part and your "typo" is actually a great illustration of how immersive the demo is.
Erotic Sheep  +   2190d ago
"I enjoyed it, the demo has more than fulfilled the expectations placed on the game, I enjoyed, allowing the expression, "a dwarf"."

I'm sorry but ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!! Love these translators XD
Bathyj  +   2190d ago

Ha, I hadnt even noticed I typed that. Good spotting and you're so right.
ALFAxD_CENTAURO  +   2190d ago
Nice, that is a very good score.

From: Blaster_Master

''I wouldn't even need a 360 if it wasn't for ME2.''

You can play it on PC, besides with better graphics if you like.
PimpHandHappy  +   2190d ago
played the demo
and i dig it... very much a change of pace that is needed when im gaming. Looking 4ward to digging into this crime drama
Lykon  +   2190d ago
me too , i loved the demo , i love ethan and his special scanning glove , ive changed my pic to his buttocks because they are cute
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi_  +   2190d ago
||.........___||.......____|| 'Triple'A'Station 3' ;-P
vyralx  +   2190d ago
Nice work,pal
Trebius  +   2190d ago
I love my PS3 :)
It has so many games of different genres, and not just shooters.

PS3 wins.
vyralx  +   2190d ago
This is gonna be of the years best titles
Raf1k1  +   2190d ago
Many games that people play get talked about a lot during their time but then die down after a while and ultimately end up forgotten until someone brings them up again in a conversation.

This seems to be one of those games that people will remember for years like Indigo Prophecy and Shadow of the Colossus due to the impact it has on the player.
Shaman  +   2190d ago
Game is clearly amazing,but i fell it will be love-hate game with reviewers but with actual buyers and people who are in to intrigue and deep story i believe it will be incredible experience.
XXXCouture  +   2190d ago
i love the quantic dream. have you tried the demo dude? the first part is really really good
Shaman  +   2190d ago
Actually i borrow ps3 from my friend :) But im planing to buy one,I indeed played UC2,MGS4 and now i want this and GOW III...its still very expensive here,almost more then 500$.
XXXCouture  +   2190d ago
nice dude. yeah the ps3 is quite expensive outside the states, its about 525-550 $ in my country. while the xbox is about half the price. thats what i like about the xbox, its so easy tp pickup and afford. sure us gamers can afford a 360 and ps3 but the casual gamer cant and wont, but i think no matter what they choose. They will get some very good games

have a bubble dude, be a gamer
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Shaman  +   2190d ago
Yep mate,i dont want to miss this year,its lookin like MS and Sony just went with all guns blazing so i have no other choice but to buy ps3,i am almost there just couple more pounds :)It feels like gen is just starting and there is really no excuse not to buy those great games on either system.
XXXCouture  +   2190d ago
but why would you support microsoft? theyre greedy and doesnt care about the consumer ;) btw add me on xbox mate. cambiare, my brother broke my former 360. so i just bought a new elite. but i dont have the achievements of my older games :(
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Shaman  +   2190d ago
Actually i would but it will take time,my pc is on upper flor of my house and its connected to ip modem,you know everything from internet to live to telephone goes through that and i cant now connect my xbox to that...i will probably buy wireless even though its so expansive :S Im already 4 months without live,i keep telling myself that i will buy wireless but then comes mass effect 2(100$) and Forza 3(100$) so no live for me...but ill sure add you mate when i get it working ;)
Whoooop  +   2190d ago
Thank God Sony offers variety...
Lirky  +   2190d ago
Some say that gamers that review heavy rain low means they didnt get paid to review the game right. But i think that sony didnt pay ppl to give heavy rain a high review especially if ppl knew already that this was a antiscipating game from the start of the tech demo mentioned.

And how everyone knew that from there that it was a game that alot of ppl will get attatched to.
sikbeta  +   2190d ago

Madeline12  +   2190d ago
Another great score.
Lykon  +   2190d ago
good score
i'd like to see the meta score back up above 90 but ive pre ordered anyway .
kingdavid  +   2190d ago
I hope you're not serious..
Lykon  +   2190d ago
yeah pre ordered from hmv you get the first lot of dlc inc free, loved the demo , i'm looking forwards to it x
xPsycologik  +   2190d ago
Score... yes!
@skibeta & madeline12: This game is, for me, the best of this year, and this is one of the reasons for the score.

Thank you very much.
Rixynator  +   2190d ago
didn't like the control, I felt that the need to hold down the R2 to move is such a poor way of navigating as well as the camera angle although there is a secondary cam angle it's still useless. in terms of visual and game type I think it pretty awesome.

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