15 Most amazing God of War artworks

GB writes: "God of War is one of the rare video game franchises that feature great art direction and visualization. In this short feature, I will list down fifteen artworks that according to me are totally amazing. All this artworks are the work of their respective authors. I will also list down the source along with the images. So here goes, 15 most amazing God of War art works."

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mjolliffe2992d ago

They really capture the epicness - If there's such a word...

Bungie2992d ago

so much win, they should invent a word just to describe GOW 3

i'm very hyped for this game:)

Aquarius2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Likely GOTY Contenders so far:-

Heavy Rain

@above just to let you know Blu-ray discs do not work in 360s.

presto7172992d ago

Damn man. Go easy on the ownage.

Saaking2992d ago

GoW III is my most anticipated game second only to TLG. Still, only 1 more month and the wait is over!

The Great Melon2992d ago

Hopefully Khaos will really rise, in the form of most probably a final boss....

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ipwnall2992d ago

Number 10 or 12 the most. So beautiful...

Convas2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Seriously, you could wash clothes on those muscles.

Parapraxis2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

The first 7 in order they appear(15-8) are official artwork.
The remaining are fanart.

The_Firestarter2992d ago

From an artist's perspective? The fanart isn't the too good... >_>

Parapraxis2992d ago

Well from another artists perspective, they are far better than the others.

Kluv2992d ago

than the top 8 or whatever.

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