God of War III in these screenshots at 1080p "It's an impressive screenshots gallery about GOD OF WAR 3. All images are in true Full HD 1080p. Simply awesome."

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Hellsvacancy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I downloaded a 1080p video of the trailer yesterday, copied it 2 my Ps3 and pretty much watched it all frame by frame, the detail 2 Kratos's face is unbelievable (i think hes punchin summin or sum-1 he looks well angry, bit like myself)

But 2-day i got the Red Light Of Death (totally doesnt work) and TOTALLY sucks, guess my PS3 couldnt take the epicness, and it woz only a trailer lol

Bigbangbing2929d ago

don't you mean the yellow one?

and these screenshots are taken from the trailer, they aren't direct.

Bigbangbing2929d ago

oh so it blinks yellow then red? I didn't know about that... thank god I didn't face one even when\after playing GOW3 demo ;D

Nitrowolf22929d ago

well more people call it the yellow light of death because that light is one that isn't suppose to show at all. The blinking of the red light shows other times like when the ps3 turns off incorrectly or something, the yellow means there is somethign wrong with the hardware i think.

Hellsvacancy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Yeah TOTALY sucks donkey balls man, it worked great last night i watched The Boondock Saints 2 and then wasted numerous amounts of mofos on Bad Company 2, then 2-day whilst playin Flower of all games BOOM (in my mind t woz like an explosion lol)

Gonna hav a go at fixin it myself (warrantys gone) Heavy Rains out in a couple of weeks then the mighty God Of War is here, if all else fails ill buy a new-1, i just DONT like the looks of the Slim :-(

Sorry 4 goin off topic

snaz272929d ago

suppose it doesnt matter too much what its called as its still f**ked! lmao... anyway what system was it? and i would have a go at fixing it myself too, im sure you have seen the heatgun fix, etc... it doesnt seem like brain surgery to me, heat up board, spread on paste lmao... bound to be cheaper than sending it off, or getting a new one... im with you on the look of the slim too, im mean its not ugly by any means, but i just like the shiny shiny lol, fits in better with all my other high gloss stuff... anyway good luck, just take your time and im sure you can fix it.

GamerPS3602929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

no worries here. Haven't turned my PS3 and 360 on over a month now. I got MAG but I haven't even open disc yet :(. BC2 beta and ME2 is getting all my love on PC right now.

I will turn on PS3 when GOW3 gets released and 360 when Alan wake :D

ABizzel12929d ago

Truly Incredible, these shots give a much better look at the trailer. Hiphop and N'gai said it's like a first gen PS4 title, and I believe them now. I can't imagine what the next consoles are going to pump out.

Hellsvacancy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Its a 40gig model (with a 500 gig HDD) ive already started fixin it (tons of youtube vids on how 2-do it) but i havnt gotta heat shrink gun or any thermal glue (if thats wot its called) but i hav stripped the whole thing down (loadsa dust) and ive got the main board with the cpu/gpu (if thats wot they r) they look totaly shagged, the grey gluey stuff looked melted and warn away (i had 2 actually rip the main board off this metal plate thing coz it had melted that much they stuck 2-gether lol) 2-u


Edit: I found the 1080p trailer here http://www.playstationunive... not sure if it is full 1080p but it still looks much better then the GT video

SilentNegotiator2929d ago

Freaking amazing.

Sorry to hear it. Two of my pals' 60GBs have suffered similar fates.

ThanatosDMC2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Oh! That red light blinking happened to my old 80gb. It happened after i played GTA4 multiplayer on the day it was released. The PS3 froze after i quit multiplayer, but i heard the disk spinning louder and louder so i freaked out and held the power button to turn it off. It took maybe 5minutes to turn it off. Then i couldnt turn it on again and it kept doing that.

Then two weeks later, i got my new 80gb PS3 from Sony. I think it was GTA4 since it was the only game that made my PS3 fans blow really loud. Damn thing kept freezing.

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True_Religion2929d ago

Looks like GOW2.5 HD

Ok, Kratos looks good.
But its like with GT5.. only the cars look good, the rest looks meh!

damnightmare2929d ago

I guess, if you are mentally unstable it would look bad.

i3eyond the Circle2929d ago

There should be no debate of UC2 looking better than GoW3.

Naughty Dog knows how to make a game look good.

I can't help but notice how drastically different the QTE or cutscenes look compared to the actual gameplay.

GamerPS3602929d ago

I still find KZ2 has the best gfx edge over any other console games.

Ichiryoka2929d ago

If you played or even watched the demo you should know there is no DRASTIC change in the graphics when you are doing the qte. HOw would I know this?

Well during the QTE all they do is zoom in, the screen never fades to black. You just get to see Kratos and all of his glory up close. When its done what happens, camera zooms out that simple.

check out the demo here. Good example; him tearing out the eye of the ogre.

zoom in. zoom out.

raztad2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )


Sorry dude but if you havent noticed it the scales of GoW3 and UC2 are not comparable. Just that render your whole argument null and yes, UC2 looks extremely good.

BTW, what differences between gameplay and qte? both are absolutely in-game. The cinematic qte just are closer to Kratos showing off all the details you couldnt see from afar.

i3eyond the Circle2929d ago

Scale on scripted events =/= Scale of actual gameplay.

I've seen the scale when Kratos' movement are back in the hand of the player and its no bigger than a few square feet per fixed camera angle location.

If you believe what you've seen in GoW3 is "scale" you must now know what scale is.

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Cartesian3D2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

I cant even believe what I just saw (I've seen 1080p trailer before but focusing on every frame is another thing)... just compare it to uncharted 2.. no other game can show human muscles this beautiful even in motion NO OTHER GAME.

santa monica guys are insane.. GOTY contender for sure..

in first picture Focus on titans fingers... !!!o_O with a finger print device and FBI data base you can find the owner of hand..

GamerPS3602929d ago

I thought, Kratos was Beast.

Cartesian3D2929d ago

just imagine GOW3 with this epicness and scale in 3D... this game can make you cry for help with 3D technology.. lol (Im afraid of heights.. so may be Im the only one who will cry in 3D)

ThanatosDMC2929d ago

Graphics doesnt equate instant GOTY.

Gameplay of GOW3 is lame. A five year old can mash the buttons and win.

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