DualShockers White Knight Chronicles Review

DualShockers writes,

"With 2010 being the year of the RPG, Level 5 brings us their latest game, White Knight Chronicles. WKC was released in Japan in December 2008 and it spent a good amount of time undergoing the localization process. The game features all of the online patches that were released in Japan as well as in-game voice chat, per request of the Western audience. WKC has a lot to prove in order to stand among the ranks of other RPGs being released in the coming months. The real question is if WKC will be becoming part of your collection and why, so let's jump into this headfirst."

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Blaster_Master3026d ago

I know everyone thinks im sticking up for this game but seriously this rpg is the first one this gen that gave me back that feeling rpgs used to give me back in the days. 5/5 IMHO

Hitman07693025d ago

Thank you for your opinion Blaster Master

taz80803025d ago

I saw a preview of this game and it looked great, reminded me of FF7 meets Valkyria Chronicles. Very steampunk feel too. Good review.

Hitman07693025d ago

I think that this RPG might of bit off more then it could chew design-wise. Either that or they just chose a battle system that only appeals to classic RPG addicts. I'm not saying it's terrible, I'm just saying in this day and age I expected more. Thank you for the excellent review Evan.

Hitman07693025d ago

Good review Evan. I had started thinking this game might be too good to be true as it approached release. Looks decent enough for hardcore RPG fans to see the innovations, however a bit bland and simplistic of attack system and character design?

dragonopt13025d ago

I bought this game and was going to sell it to get Star Ocean, I decided to give it a chance and play it for a week and I can say I'm happy I kept it. Is it as good as Dragon Age, no it's not. Once you give it a chance it gets a lot better though,I'm enjoying leveling my chr and playing online. Again it's not a great game but I think it's a good game overall with lots to do.