IGN God of War 3 trailer analysis

IGN Rewind theatre of god of war 3 vengeance trailer

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Hanif-8762894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

Nice analysis day 1 purchase for me :-)

Death24942894d ago

Sorry bungie is not rendering a face anywhere close to that in Reach.

Off topic: Bungie is just taking a page out of Killzone 2's book and focusing most of the detail on the gun. But Killzone 2 had way better facial rendering.

WMW2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

i thought kratos tackled zesus then had it reversed and got slammed into the wall but zesus just picks him up by the head and slammed him.

off topic: bungie aren't even getting the guns as detailed as kz2.

MastaMold2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

One thing i saw from the new trailer and from playing the God of War games is from

God of War I kratos is using the Blades of Chaos but in God of War II he is using the

Blades of Athena. Now look at the trailer you can see that Blades of Athena are

Gold & Red, at times in the trailer kratos is carrying blades that are Black & Orange.

I just think dumbass IGN missed that go check it out people in slow-mo.

Looks like kratos might get new blades to kill with :)

freediro2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

i noticed the same thing but haven't heard much about it, maybe they will change colors as you upgrade your skills?

Saaking2894d ago

Good analysis. Just one more month to go!

Aquarius2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

does anyone think/know if they'll be time-travelling abilities/scenes in GOWIII?
that would be....

...oh I just cannot explain it in words. My mouth was hanged open when I saw what Kratos done to the sisters of fate - literally

CrimsonFox132894d ago

One thing they missed. When Kratos latches onto the rock flung from the catapult, you can see the big statue-looking thing in the background is moving. If you advance it frame-by-frame, you can see his arm start to lower. I don't know if we know who that guy is, but it looks like a boss. :)

right and wrong2894d ago

This game is going to rock so hard. Nice analysis.

Danteh2894d ago

that was a really good in-depth analysis of the trailer, hats off to IGN

ChulHakSan2894d ago

This analysis is much better that the one gamesradar did, already preorder this cant wait

Megaton2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

They're wrong about that dusty chained titan. 99% sure it's Cronos, not Atlas. The chained thing on his back is Pandora's Temple, from GoW1.

A Cupcake for Gabe2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I love Kratos's facial expressions. You can tell he is one pissed-off furious mother fuggah. And it shows life and character. Go Santa Monica!

aaronisbla2894d ago

it might be Atlas, after all he was chained up also

sikbeta2894d ago

This Game Will BE Epic, simply as that, GOW3 will blast everything on its way

Gamers FTW!!!

YoungKingDoran2894d ago

lol at WMW who called Zeus; Zesus.

Megaton2894d ago

I think the color and the temple on his back are a dead giveaway, it's gotta be Cronos.

ChulHakSan2893d ago (Edited 2893d ago )

It couldn't be atlas if atlas was free the world would collapse and kill every one including kratos and most importantly callilopie, kratos daughter, he wouldn't kill her

Lilith_Belial2893d ago

they are the Blades of Exile, given to Kratos, in Hades, by the vengeful ghost of Athena, who wants Zeus to suffer for leaving her to die like the douche he is.

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MajesticBeast2894d ago

Lets not discuss any other games here it will just end up in a flamewar. Game looks amazing Hades his blades are actually 4 which is intresting also i hope Nolan can pull off an amazing voice for Hades. Its pretty weird they didnt notice the collosus of Rhodes in the background when Kratos uses the catapult. SOmething is telling me Zeus wont be the last boss just a feeling but i could be wrong ofcourse.

The Great Melon2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I have been mentioning this on several of these God of War trailers that probably the most important thing in the trailer is the words Kratos utters. He specifically says "Khaos will rise again" instead of something like the there will only be chaos or something like that.

Khaos is listed under the primordial dieties, but specifically Khaos is nothing which everything came from. Looking back at the God of War franchise, I would assume that Sony Santa Monica will try to personify Khaos as much as possible.

If the God of War trilogy is trying to explain how there are no more Greek gods, titans, etc. , then I would suspect that Kratos will take his vengeance out on everything including the titans and somehow "release" Khaos.

If anyone knows Greek mythology better than my very shoddy knowledge, let me know what you think.

alphakennybody2894d ago

@The Grat melon(nice name by the way)
or maybe Kratos IS Khaos. Remember that wherever he goes he always brings destruction, even before he was Are's servant.And When he became the God Of War things hasn't been sitting quietly.

The Great Melon2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

@Eddy Raja

That's a good one too. Kratos is practically taking everything godlike back to the void from where they came.

Thanks for the compliment. The name is actually a play on my real name that I made a long time ago when I first started trying to get usernames on the internet. I realized I had to make something a little more original else I couldn't use the same name everywhere.

holdmedownma20082894d ago

God of War 3 looks like it's going to be a massive game. It seems like Sony did again, setting the bar for next generation gaming. The only thing Halo:Reach is going to beat GOW in is sales. Now before I get attack by the Halo cheerleaders and the Microsoft camp. I like the new look in Halo, but never the less, it's a Halo game. I don't see Bungie doing anything that's going to set the bar for the 360, which should've been done by now.

right and wrong2894d ago

I've never played Halo and to this day don't plan on it. The one thing that bothers me is how 360 and Sony guys keep throwing jabs back and forth for no reason. Both games will hopefully live up to there promise and provide tons of fun for everyone. All the hate needs to chill dude seriously.

XDF2894d ago

I regret pre purchased this game online with Toys R US as I have to wait an extra week or so for delivery. I want this game Day one baby.

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