Hooked Gamers: Red Dead Redemption Preview

Among all the cinematographic clichés, there are some that the video game industry seem to avoid at all costs. You will find plenty of science-fiction, war or crime themed games on the shelves of your local GameStop. But let's say you are walking in with an urge of old school Clint-Eastwood Western action, who will step up to satisfy your needs? Rockstar Games will because... Rockstar Games always steps up when it is time to propose different things. They had already tried out the genre in 2004 with the fun, but rather limited Red Dead Revolver. Their newest opus Red Dead Redemption will come out on retailers shelves on April 27. With it, Rockstar San Diego revisits the Far-West with a vengeance and with the power of the PS3 and the X360 to back up their efforts.

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