Dante's Inferno set to get patched soon

E4G: It seems that the greed bug in Dante's Inferno will be getting patched relatively soon.

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Bazookajoe_832928d ago

But with the first lever :-(

dkblackhawk502928d ago

It really sucks when stuff like that happens. They better release a patch soon.

spongeboob2928d ago

I finished the game without any glitches, i must be one of the lucky ones i guess.

Saaking2928d ago

I didn't see that many glitches. Took me around 6 hours to beat the game. It's decent, but it's nothing compared to other much better Hack-and-Slash games. 6/10.

mikeslemonade2928d ago

N4G glitch how the hell does this game get 1100 degrees. This game sucks.

captain-obvious2928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

bad reviews and now bugs
oh well
the game at least did have a chance to be big with every one sticking its name with GOW. I was kinda hyped for it
but now i think i'll get it used or rent
or maybe i'll save my cash and get GOW3

DelbertGrady2928d ago

Not that bad reviews, actually. It has an average score of 76 on metacritic. The same as MAG.

nix2928d ago

and you know why MAG scored the same... it came with a PS3 only tag. apart from the graphics, MAG had everything going for it.

DelbertGrady2928d ago

Lots of games that come with the "PS3 only" tag have received much better scores. The whole biased media thing is getting out of hand, don't you think?

nix2928d ago

i would really want you to say that with a straight face. i mean really.

hektop2928d ago

Wait for GOW 3, but if you can afford to buy more, but Dante's is a very good game, good story and the scenary is awesome (well let's put this way, if that is hell, is time to start doing good deeds).

Just my opinion and I was able to play the game with no glitches, so it maybe only under some conditions this shows up.

jeseth2928d ago

to have Gamefly. Its a good game but compared to others in its genre it is a 2nd tier game. The setting and theme of Dante's Inferno are what really carry it through, not too many games (if any that I can remember) actually use Hell as its setting.

Anyways...a good game, worth a buy if you are in love with the genre, but mostly just a rent for most.

As for EA . . . . I'm ready for Dead Space 2 whenever you guys are ready to ship it !!!

mega BIG time2928d ago

if you f****** havnt even played the game then how the hell can you give an accurate opinion? You're the reason pure democracy is a lynch mob.

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blasian2928d ago

game suppose to compete with kratos... ha.....haha... hahahah....HAHAHAHAHAHHAHA...i laugh at it

elcompa4252928d ago


We all knew that.......however, I WILL be getting the bargain bin.

red2tango2928d ago

So did they even play the game then?

marichuu2928d ago

They probably did, but they also probably didn't save at every spot and then tried loading and playing from that point.
I got past that place on my first sitting, so I guess I'm luckier than some other people. Only thing that frustrates me about the game is how you can fall off some places and at other places there are just invisible walls. Oh, and I wouldn't mind some more checkpoints. Other than that, the game is quite fun. I'm no God of War fan, but for those who are, this is probably a decent warmup. Rent it at least while you're waiting for your God of War. Don't be a hater, be a gamer :p

theEnemy2928d ago

It's a god of war ripoff yeah, but it's still very enjoyable IMO.

A perfect game before God of War III arrives.

siliticx2928d ago

I platinumed it in 3 days. I'll give it a 7.5 ...

multipayer2928d ago

Just remove this game and insert God of War 3, and you'll immediately notice the improvements of the patch.

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