Mega Man 10 Debuts March 1


"For those of you looking to put your, ahem, "manhood" through a vice again, Capcom flips the Mega Man 10 download switch on next month.

Just like Mega Man 9 before it, the blue bomber will have a staggered release on the three leading consoles. Releasing for $10, MM10 will hit Wii first on March 1, followed by PS3 on March 11, and finally Xbox 360 on March 31.

Know which version you'll be holding out for?"

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Umbrella Corp3023d ago

Will it have trophies this time around?I cant possibly play this with my Xbox's Dpad.

RockmanII73022d ago

What does the D-pad even do? I got to the 3rd stage of Wily's castle in Mega Man 9 and never knew you could use the d-pad.

Umbrella Corp3022d ago

When it comes to games like Megaman im old school I prefer to use the directional buttons over the analog stick,the PS3s directional pad is just way better than the xbox's thats the main decision im buying it for my PS3 over my xbox.

RockmanII73022d ago

Wish the 360 version came out earlier.

Rhezin3022d ago

can't wait for this one. Mega Man 9 was the first megaman I played, and it was awesome! I love how you can adopt bosses magic after you defeat em.