A Free flOw (PSN) and iPhone Chinatown Wars, Plants vs. Zombies Go Cheap


"As part of Sony's "make.believe" campaign on PSN, thatgamecompany's flOw is free for download until 2/13 at Midnight EST. After which point you'll have to, well...pony up the full asking price like a sucka for not following @Hawtwired.

Big news also comes in the form of GTA: Chinatown Wars going on sale this weekend for $6.99 on iPhone (normally $9.99) and Plants vs. Zombies making its iPhone debut for a stoopidly cheap price of $2.99 on Monday. If Peggle iPhone is anything to go by, you'll want to pick up PvZ pronto as the price post-launch will surely only go up."

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Umbrella Corp3053d ago

Gonna hit that up now,I heard Flow was the shiznet.

The Great Melon3053d ago

It's a really good game to sit down and relax too. Unfortunately I shelled out the money to buy it only two weeks ago. Oh well, at least I got Braid half off during the January sell.

Nitrowolf23053d ago

i hope Flower becomes free at some point
i had it on another account but lost my password

jack_burt0n3053d ago

£2 on the euro store at the moment.

3053d ago
Karooo3053d ago

how do i download from proxy?

ScarT3053d ago

Use this proxy. Took 30mins to download fl0w with it. But i guess thats ok for a free game.

KimDongHwan3053d ago

if i live in another country is there a way to download it?, if so, could you explain it?

molsen813053d ago

I wish there was a true tutorial for Flow. I really don't understand the game at all. I just kept eating those red things and proceeding sorta.

The Great Melon3053d ago

The red things take you down a deeper level, the blue take you up a level. Eating the ones with the 3 arms increases your limb length and general appearance, while the everything else increases your general size. The whole point of the game in my mind is like your in a petri dish just eating and surviving. The ultimate goal of each level is to get all the way to the bottom where you are recreated as another creature where you start over again.

I love to relax to this game, because it lets me unwind without bothering me with "objectives."

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The story is too old to be commented.