First PC Patch for Bioshock 2 is out

It didn't take long for 2K to release it's first set of Patches for the new game. With a multitude of issues running the game on PC the first week of release, there will be a lot of happy gamers today.

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jay23079d ago

Today we released a patch for BioShock 2 on the PC for issues that we uncovered between the title’s production and launch. Unfortunately, this patch is causing errors in the Multiplayer portion of the game where holding down the mouse button does not register in game (GREAT START). We are already working on a fix to this problem and I will update you with more details as soon as I have them(You should have fixed it FIRST). The full patch list is available here for your reference (minus any potential spoilers.) Our work to fix other issues (including our widescreen fix) is still ongoing and they will be coming shortly. (Or DIY guys) As always, I’ll be posting here whenever I have an update for you. (I'll only read if you stop being stupid with no controller support).

tdrules3079d ago

who needs clicking mice when you have widescreen
wait wut

fossilfern3079d ago

I still havnt got mine :(! ever since got bought over by that new company they have gone down hill, they used to have my stuff here within like 2 days but its been like 4 days now :( and that delivery company they use now still have my package in the sorting office :(! for the past 2 days W T F !

Gen0ne3079d ago

... just come out? This patch crutch thing is starting to get a little tired.

Letros3079d ago

Haven't touched it since day't stop playing the new STALKER.

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The story is too old to be commented.