Death Track: Resurrection Coming To PlayStation 3

CC: Death Track: Resurrection was released for PC last March, but according to the Entertainment Software Ratings Board, its on its way to PlayStation 3.

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movements2864d ago

Aaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!! Can't wait for this one. I've been waiting impatiently.

mjolliffe2864d ago

The trailers pretty good, but it didn't get the best reviews on PC. Perhaps its a full upgrade.

Either way I'm watching it closely :)

kidnplay2864d ago

Does PlayStation 3 need another racer? I'm unsure.

Valay2864d ago

I was thinking that a bit as well. I'm not even that big on racers actually.

gameseveryday2864d ago

is it the same destruction derby that was released on the ps 1?

mjolliffe2863d ago

Nothing to do with Destruction Derby :P

themafia2863d ago

i wonder when its coming out, but we got gt sooo

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