How to play BioShock 2 at 60FPS on your 360/PS3

Rapture may look pretty, but that beauty comes at the expense of locking the framerate to 30FPS.

Or does it...? Did you know that there's a simple method to double BioShock 2's frame rate to 60FPS tucked away in the options menu?

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El_Colombiano3026d ago

A bit? No no if I recall the 360 version tears 61% of the frames! And the PS3 a whopping 21%! NOT worth the 40ish fps. NOT even 60fps!

Insomnia_843026d ago

My tv plays all games at 60fps ;)

Connoro3026d ago

Actually Insomnia, I think you'll find it doesn't play all games at 60fps. If the game doesn't run at 60fps, your TV can't show it at 60fps. Even if you have a 100" HDTV, watching standard definition video on it will not made it high definition. Get it?

AKNAA3025d ago

Actually, I think insomnia is rite because I played dead space on a sony 120hz lcd tv and it was definitely running at, at least 60fps. It was just gorgeous to look at in motion.

SprSynJn3025d ago

I am pretty sure Connoro is right here. I remember reading several times that if the game is not programmed to run at 60fps, it will not.....period. No TV can make that different. What you guys might be thinking of is 1080p vs 720p, or what have you.

thesummerofgeorge3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

That's just not how it works. If I'm wrong, I'd be very interested to know how that would work.

travelguy2k3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

but it will not make the game more reponsive as it is still running at whatever frame rate it is runnig at. The TV creates the additional frames. It is similar to upscaling, but instead of increasing the resolution, it is incleasing the number of frames to make the picture smoother.

Dark_Vendetta3025d ago

I'm not sure too but once I brought my 360 to a friend and we played several games on his HDTV (120hz). Compared to my HDTV it looked so much more smoothly (and I can easily see the difference between 30 and 60 fps). So I guessed it's because of the 120hz (the TV program does looks better/more smooth too).

IdleLeeSiuLung3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Your TV frame rate is independent of your game frame rate. The frame rate of the TV tells the TV how often to draw the screen. If it is interlaced, i.e. the "i" after the resolution, then it takes 2 frames to draw a full screen. If it is a progressive mode, i.e. the "p" in 720p then it takes one frame.

The console has to match this or the TV has to adjust for this if it s above 60Hz. If the TV is above 60Hz, then it has advance circuitry to blend the different pictures to reach a higher frame rate i.e. it is possibly introducing noise into the picture you are seeing. In some cases, it might just not blend at all. The advantage is when viewing certain movies that can help avoid judder. That is a different topic though.

The independent frame rate of the game on the other hand is how often the game is able to complete on task of updating the game status (i.e. take your input for instance, update the score, see if there is any collisions between object, compute physics etc) and draw it on screen. You don't see the screen until the game has completed these two tasks as you will only see the previous completed screen. This is repeated 30 times a second in a 30fps game.

This means, that a 30fps game will require a 60Hz TV to draw the same game frame at least twice. If it is 120Hz with no picture blending, it draws every frame at least 4 times.

Still the game runs at 30fps regardless of your TV screen. If it works differently than suggested here you would essentially upgrade the PS3/Xbox 360 by just buying a new TV. Now that doesn't make sense does it?

SilentNegotiator3025d ago

Doesn't really sound like it's worth the amount of screen tearing....

na2ru13025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Think he means "Motion Plus". Whatever Travelguy mentioned is called Motion Plus where your TV calculates the visuals of what's inbetween each true frame.

I have 100hz LCD with MotionPlus and it looks amazing watching TV but visuals sometimes gets distorted due to fast motion video.

Sarcasm3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

It was worth it simply because it made the controls more responsive.

krisq3025d ago

MotionPlus and MotionFLow are interpolating frames.

Toolster3025d ago

120hz ftw!!!!
My tv plays all games at 60fps ;)

Comment FAIL

DEA Fresh3025d ago

The TV doesn't dictate how many FPS the game can produce. I have a 240hz Sony Bravia Z5100. For optimal gaming settings I turn off a lot of the features like motion blur and 240hz to reduce any lag. They're great features to have and helps future proof your TV but it's not of any use this generation since a lot of games struggle at 30 and very few can hold 60. But to the human eye it really makes no difference. Blu-ray movies run at 24fps so you're not really losing or gaining anything.

Insomnia_843025d ago

MotionPlus, MotionBlur whatever, my games look A LOT better, like if they were running at 60fps, the games run at 30fps obviously but the tv makes it look like 60fps, period. I'm just saying what I'm seeing.

behemothzero3025d ago

It's called the placebo effect. Have fun with it

ThanatosDMC3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Bravia 120hz tech doubles the amount of frames per sex. You can set it up on the menu. I want to destroy my Bravia and get the 240hz from my 3yr warranty. I still have 2yrs to go.

Btw, games and movies look a TON better being played this way. Bluray movies look realistic. It's how it's meant to watch just like those hdtvs you see in stores but not the ones from walmart or target or the like.

NinjaAssassin3025d ago

i think frame interpolation looks horrible on movies because it gives them that soap opera effect. on games it is bad too because it makes the input lag a lot higher. anyway on bioshock 30 fps with little to no screen tearing is much better than 60 fps with lots of screen tearing.

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duplissi3026d ago

the playstation version of the first bioshock had that option as well, and since i have the ps version i dont know about the xbox version.

thereapersson3026d ago

You could turn the frame limiter off, but it would warn you that there would end up being a fair amount of screen tearing if you were to proceed.

Eamon3026d ago

The game was pretty mediocore anyway.

Nothing as amazing as the first Bioshock. I was expecting a huge mega twist at the end like in first Bioshock (Would You Kindly).

Pretty dissapointing.

DelbertGrady3026d ago

I think the single player is awesome but the multiplayer is really poor.

DavidMacDougall3026d ago

I'm liking the multiplayer lol

I just don't get how i die sometimes

Sarcasm3025d ago

I'd rate it at about 8/10.

The game isn't as good because it wasn't a mystery anymore. Everything was too familiar. Heck, they didn't even TRY to make it a mystery.

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ProjectVulcan3026d ago (Edited 3026d ago )

Screen tearing? More than half the frames rendered are torn without Vsync on. The consoles also cant hope to maintain anything like 50-60 frames a second, so as it yoyos between 25 and 60 frames all the time, the controls feel completely inconsistant. If you really want 60 frames a second with zero tearing, get it on Pc. Its not like you need an expensive or particularly fast machine to manage that..

thereapersson3026d ago

When the clear winner in regards to technology for a game like this is the PC.

xLordOblivionx3025d ago

Screw 60 fps. Vsync ALWAYS takes priority over frames for me. I've played and enjoyed pretty much every PC game I have at 15-20 fps, those extra frames mean nothing when screen tearing makes a game unplayable to a point that it will make me sick.

y0haN3025d ago (Edited 3025d ago )

Oblivion turning vsync on doesn't even matter if you're getting 15-20 fps. Screen tearing occurs when you have a higher frame rate than the refresh rate of your monitor, your monitor will be at least 60 Hz.

Rowsdower3026d ago

is that the thing I watch porn on?

tdrules3026d ago

is that the thing I watch movies on?

thereapersson3026d ago

Is that something I warm my house with?

raztad3026d ago

Yeah, but it allows me to play 90% of xbox "exclusives"

Neurotoxin3026d ago

You all should get together, rent a house and video it as a documentry.
DAY 1 : Fanboys spooning in a bed whilst the pc is playing porn, 360 is warming the house and Earnest saves christmas is playing on the PS3. Aww bless you guys.

tdrules3026d ago

haha i can provide the PS3 and PC

mrb3ar3026d ago

Thank you for that sir, gave me a good laugh this morning.


chazjamie3025d ago

that made me laugh. who cares about the pc. it was good during the ps1 days. heck even developers know creating games for the pc is a liability, its all in vain. so while you pc fanboys go on about superior specs, u should realise u just giving false hope to a very lonely old man, who should die. but wont. if gears and alan are not signs of the inevitable departure, then i dont know what is. splinter cell is bound to be announced exclusively for the 360, i wish i could enjoy it on my ps3 though.

Sarcasm3025d ago

What's a iPad? That thing that's going to replace the PC to watch porn with, warm the house, and watch movies?

ambientFLIER3025d ago

"Ill provide the Mac? :)"

Do yourself a favor and throw that thing in the trash. :P

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