Pick An Achievement For Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands

Ubisoft is having a voting contest on Facebook that allows fans to vote for their favorite achievement to appear in the newest installment of their Prince of Persia franchise.

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sinncross2961d ago

According to the latest Nintendo Power, the new Prince of Persia does not have time abilities (such as rewinding time) but judging from these it seems like the HD versions will.

I'll pick up the PS3 version but it is kind of disappointing to read that the Wii version wont include the staple time control from the SOT series (especially in light of this new POP being an entry between 1 and 2)

overlordror2960d ago

They're going back to the original formula with this series, and since the movie features time rewind, it's kind of silly to think this game wouldn't.