Crysis meets Avatar: Pandora Map Shots released

Some impressive screenshots of Pandora, the upcoming Crysis-CryEngine 2 mod.

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RagTagBnd4453045d ago

It doesn't look very good.

mrv3213045d ago

In fairness I don't think the mod team didn't have $238 million to spend on fancy CGI to make up for a mediocore story and poorly written love story.

Avatar reminds me of a Russian film called 9th company but 9th company HAS THE BEST CHARACTIZATION in any film I've seen.

tdrules3045d ago

your double negatives are simply perplexing

Kurylo3d3045d ago

Judging by the fact that avatar is about the become the highest grossing film in history, beating out titanic... well kinda means your opinion of the story is pretty meaningless and the rest of the world thinks its great.

mrv3213045d ago

That's ONE element of the film. So your telling me that Avatar has the best story EVER. No film before it has had a better story because they haven't 'grossed' it.

Ok then, by that definition then Clerks is the best CGI movie because it make 7,000 times the amount it cost to make. NO. Because popularity =/= quality. Want more proof Twilight and the countless over film which make millions but end up not being as good as films like 'To end All War'

But hey what would I know about what I saw...

Avatar in my opinion only feature that was slightly amusing was the graphics and that whore off after 2 minute leaving the other 2 hours and 28 minutes feeling an empty excuse to have good graphics.

Here's an idea... watch movies who's main features and the fact it's in 3D and cost 200 million and you'll realise how pointless, irrelevant and simple the Avatar story is. And don't give me the enviroment nonsense it's not relevant. Sure here on earth we are destroying our home tree or what ever but seriously... stop simplifying the story, the majority of human can understand stories more complicated than for example

Guy switches side which is poorly forshadowed and predicatable from the outset. Seriously... is it really that hard to make a film that features actual real world situations instead of the perfect simple ones. Here's an idea for a film.

The bad guy wins, the good guy doesn't get the girl and there's no happy ending. I dislike films with happy endings, it's pointless we all want a happy ending so when we get to the end there's no surprises and we don't have to think, but a unhappy ending we are left to wonder. Here's the example I have the original Clerks ending and the new one. The original Clerks ending WAS FAAR better... but didn't sit too happy with the viewers.

FantasyStar3045d ago

Dood, I totally understand where you're coming from, but Avatar is just a kids' film for the most part. When I was watching the film the plot was just sooooo predictable and there's barely anything there to make us think on a deeper level about the morality of uhh......smurfs?

Regardless, Avatar is a solid "feel-good" movie. And that's what most people want anyways.

Arnon3045d ago

Yes, it looks weird for me to comment on it because of my avatar, but you're downplaying the movie because it follows one of the 7 archetypal storyline scenarios. Can you honestly name me a movie that had an original plot?

Also, it was around $500 million for the cost of the movie. Avatar was what it was. It was a great movie that, while not having an original plot, sucked you into a world and made you actually feel that you were on this new, uncharted... moon, I guess is what it was.

On topic:

Agreed. The screenshots look kinda meh.

mrv3213045d ago

Can I ask you a question... I don't think I can name a original story not truely but I could name a few which actually tried to spice it up a bit.

Blues Brothers comes to mind, haven't seen a film like it before or since
KhottaBych is WONDERFUL, funnier than most of the films I've seen and the love story WORKED, you wheren't surprised but it kinda worked, it was nice. Also name me a film with a Hacker who find a Genie in a Jug go on.
How about Clerks then, I was taken into that world more than I was with Avatar
Pay it Forward, the love worked the story's ending was PERFECT.

All better than Avatar most with Romance which worked. Avatar was a waste of money, no other way to put it.

Arnon3045d ago

I... what?

Your entire comment was almost impossible to read.

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Premonition3045d ago

the game avatar looks graphically better than this. and about the movie it wasnt the best but it was a good movie to me, and im happy that it made 2.2 billion at the end of the day, so if you dont like it go some where else.

1PC2PS333603045d ago

....the absolute most original movie (book) in the past 30 years!!!