NFL Blitz creator wants the franchise to return

Nintendo Power had an interview with Blitz/NBA Jam creator Mark Turmell, in which he stated that he wanted NFL Blitz resurrected.

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Goomba123078d ago

I would love a revival of this game!

Megaton3077d ago

Same, it's the only football game I ever liked.

SilentNegotiator3077d ago

These were so awesome. I remember playing Blitz 2000 on the N64.

I loved the less serious and more simple nature in contrast to Madden.

A Cupcake for Gabe3077d ago

I miss all the midway sports games like this. The Hockey and baseball game too. I think Backbreaker looks pretty cool too. It should be call Gears of Football with the way the camera flows.

STK0263077d ago

Blitz was one fine franchise, but really, Hitz is the one in need of a revival! Plus, unlike the NFL and the MLB, the NHL doesn't have any kind of exclusive contract with a publisher! Comon, make it!

ChozenWoan3077d ago

Give me Blitz!!!

Give me humanoid robots tearing limbs and slamming each other for the ball.
Give me no refs, no sports stars, no holds barred football.
Give me a sandwich cause I'm hungry from waiting for the next Blitz Football.


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BlackIceJoe3078d ago

I remember NFL Blitz and doing nothing but Hail Mary passes and that was great fun. I think it would be great to see Blitz again. But do I not think it will happen because EA has the rights only to Football games. But if a new one could happen that would be great.

Solidus187-SCMilk3077d ago

They could make it with fake teams/players but of course that wouldnt be as popular as it would be with the NFL license.

I used to love blitz back in the day on 64/arcade. There was even a pretty good one on xbox/ps2 not too long ago called blitz: the league which was unlicensed.

I always did the criss-cross play if I needed a 1st down.

orange-skittle3077d ago

Because Midway went bankrupt. It was around until 2008 but had to remove the NFL tag, so what's the difference. If it was to come back it just be BLITZ just like it was before. EA has the NFL license sewn up for 5 more years. If NFL blitz returns, so will NFL 2K and we all know what game everyone will be buying.

Xandet3077d ago

Gimme my NHL Hitz back.. :,(

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