Mass Effect 3: Five Plots Worth Exploring

Richard Bailey from writes: When Mass Effect 2 finally surfaced last month, fans around the world where treated to a phenomenal experience crafted exclusively by the infamous RPG studio, BioWare. Now that you have had a chance to playthrough the story in its entirety, I decided to point out some key story plots that may be explored in the final chapter of the trilogy. Feel free to express your thoughts on the matter and let us know if your team survived the suicide mission.

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Xof3021d ago

All suprisingly good points, but I think the number one concern with Mass Effect 3 is to give the Reapers some depth. Right now, they're just mindless killing machines, virtually identical to so many other sci-fi-baddies. Mass Effect did well to "borrow" so much as it did from Babylon 5, but they should have taken a closer look at the Shadows. The Reapers need to reach a similar level of depth, I think. Destroying all life on a whim is just... too goddamn cliched.

Mass Effect has more than enough villains... it needs a good antagonist.

On the subject of Shepherd having a kid... that could be cool. Not for ME3, perhaps, but ME4. Maybe make ME4 more of a traditional RPG set-up where you choose your own character (it could still get by with only two voices--just give the player the ability to modify the tone/pitch) and race.

GamerPS3603021d ago

playing ME2 on insanity mode right now. Can't get through defense turret section where you face collectors first time.

we won3021d ago

That part is hard on insanity, I dies like 15 times of course I died 15 times in most the battles on insanity.

#1 The collectors are mindless husks or killing machines. Knowing how they became collectors is more interesting(more detailed story behind it).

KingItachi3021d ago

What class are you using I had a hard time with my adept.

JsonHenry3021d ago

I played as a soldier and did every side quest I came across and walked through the game on hard without a problem.

Legionaire20053021d ago

In Legion a Geth robot personal side mission, you had a choice to rewrite the minds of heretic Geth to be good instead of evil. Shepherd could use the Geth army to help him fight Harbinger and his robots . You had 3 choices: Give Legion (Geth bot) to Cerberus, Do Legion's side quest to rewrite Heretic Geth or destroy them. I choose to rewrite Geth, because I think they could be a possible alley. I wonder what will happen if I gave the Geth to Cerberus. The choice is yours. This is what I like about this game and the entire series choices that really matter. One game that did this save file to the last game for the sequel was that survival horror The Suffering which was the first, but Mass Effect 2 did it better than this.

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