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Digital Battle: Heavy Rain Review

Visually the game looks great, especially people's faces and the world is rendered wonderfully and sets a wonderful mood. However, a few things aren't of such a quality, for instance, lip-syncing with dialogue, some animations look crude, some items are quite low res and not animated correctly. Probably the worst thing about it is the dialogue, which is supposed to be delivered by American actors, but instead, it's delivered by Europeans with a fake American accent, which really puts a damper on the authenticity of the game. Overall though, Heavy Rain still stands out as one of the best PS3 games of the past few years, and you should definitely check it out. (Heavy Rain , PS3) 8/10

PimpHandHappy  +   2022d ago
lol Digitalbattle
sounds like he watched the IGN video review and just made it his own
JonnyBigBoss  +   2022d ago
That's what I was thinking.
znu  +   2022d ago

no matter what they say im still gonna get this game =D
earbus  +   2022d ago
Just played the demo and it was nice and relaxing , there was a little bit of camera issues but one of my most enjoyable ps3 moments
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redsquad  +   2022d ago
8 out of 10 (which is good) but then "Heavy Rain still stands out as one of the best PS3 games of the past few years"

Do I detect a back-handed compliment there?
Bungie  +   2022d ago
another flop !!!

wow, just wow
digger18  +   2022d ago
Oh look, another 360 fanboy in a PS3 thread, YET again!!
doshey  +   2022d ago
nope its a great game
mrv321  +   2022d ago
Seeing as Halo's average score is 8.7 and Heavy Rains average score is 9.0 you'd agree with me when I say EVERY Halo game has sucked and all halo games will suck...(I don't personally believe that). SO Bungies opinion on Halo is what? Is Halo a flop because if according to you it isn't YOUR A MORON AT DATA ANALYSIS.

Here's an example, I interview 100 people their average height is 5'9, one guy is 1 foot tall... would that mean ALL human are 1 foot? No, it's the average that counts and guess what Heavy Rain has an AVERAGE of 9.0

You have too many bubbles.
starchild  +   2022d ago
Ha ha very funny. Halo's average score isn't 8.7 you weirdo.

Halo 3 has a 94 on metacritic.
Halo 3 ODST has an 83.
Halo Combat Evolved has a 97.
Halo 2 has a 95.

Halo 3 ODST has the lowest score and it wasn't even a main Halo release.
The three main Halo releases have scored extremely well.

BTW, I don't agree that Heavy Rain is a flop.
commodore64  +   2022d ago
@ bungie

Gotta disagree, dude.
HEavy rain is not a flop.

8/10 is a good score.
What's more, metacritic has HR at 89.

That's an 'AA' title, make no mistake.
The Maxx  +   2020d ago
HE HE.... =)

I see what you did there!!!
Lirky  +   2022d ago
This game is a gem , a game ppl should add to their collections u never know what dlc may appear from it free dlc or premium stuff.

An idea of free dlc would be costumes or like scenes like the sleazy place demo how if there was like a theme where it was valentines day themed things.

Edit: there's a valentines heart pillow on the bed in the sleazy hotel scene.
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Nitrowolf2  +   2022d ago
wow since when was 8 or 7 a Fail? was it a Fail when Halo 3 recieved a 75?
was it a fail when ME1 recieved an 80?
how about gears of war 2?
Forza 3?
what about ME getting a 75?
you saying HR is a fail your saying all those great games are fail also
SDF Repellent  +   2022d ago
Great Review...
will buy this game in the summmer when it is slow.
sikbeta  +   2022d ago
Support it Pal, VARIETY over everything else, this Game is a Real GEM in this shooter-everywhere days

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gamester  +   2022d ago
good story but aggravating gameplay
the basic concept interested me --- but from the moment i had to take three separate actions to get the detective to use his nasal spray... (and then repeat the process a short time later)...disenchantment began to set in.

It seemed to me like a good story interrupted by clunky gameplay... and the interruptions existed supposedly to draw me into the story but had the opposite effect. I didn't feel that I was doing anything significant by opening a car door or performing other routine actions ...especially since i was being given onscreen instructions on what to do.
Press X, press A, then slide motion controller sideways, then vertically....

Some people may not mind all this...but i found it offputting. An interesting experiment is the best i can say about Heavy Rain.
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DropDeadFred25  +   2022d ago
whats funny is,if this title was on the 360 reviews would be like..oh this is very original,total amazing,out of this world 9.6`s all around.It still amazes me how multi plat games score higher on 360 even if ps3 version is better.Total unprofessional journalism imo.
its for the gamers, not there fanboy attitudes.
Michael Scott  +   2022d ago
everyone's out to put down the PS3. /s

Stop crying, it's not 2006 anymore. The PS3 has proven itself to be a great console. You make it seem like every single journalist hates the PS3 with a passion. Ever stopped to wonder that maybe these reviewers have valid opinions?

Anyways, I think Heavy Rain is awesome. It really shows the story-telling and emotional power that video games can produce. I think it deserves more than an 8/10, but I'm not gonna b!tch about it.
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Kakihara  +   2022d ago
One of the best games to come out for the PS3 in the past few years, 8/10.

I see'th what's thou did'th there.
DropDeadFred25  +   2022d ago
@micheal scott
yeh so you b**tch about people having an opinion,im allowed to comment,thats what its there for,if your so upset go cry somehwere else,and if you cant see sites are biased when they give out mw2 9+ then this 8 then your a blinded fanboy,i think its well known by now that lots of reviews sites give ratings out by how famous a game is not how good it is.its wrong since its fooling people out there money.i think the more people complain the quicker it will be fixed.you just take a bk seat tho.
Pusaymonster  +   2022d ago
I played the demo
The only part i enjoyed in the demo was the fight scene, to be honest. I didn't understand why the developers had to make R2 the walking button but i can live with it. In my opinion i thought the dialogue and was unnatural and cheesy. Based on the overall experience on playing the demo i would give it a 8/10.
SaberEdge  +   2022d ago
The day before yesterday I finally downloaded and played the demo. Overall there were some things I liked and some things I didn't like.

I liked the fight scene with the guy in that prostitute's apartment.
I liked some of the dialogue choices.
I liked the character models.

On the other hand the game felt very clunky to me. The walking felt tank-like and it took too many separate button presses to complete simple actions like slipping behind the dumpster or using the detective's inhaler.

Aside from the issues with control and movement, for a game so focused on narrative I didn't think the voice acting was that good.

The other thing is, I was expecting amazing graphics based on the hype the game was getting and I didn't find the graphics that impressive at all. Like I said, the character models are nice, but the way they animate is not very good. When I was walking around at the murder scene near the train tracks I kept noticing how unrealistic the movements of my character were. Also, when the characters talked their facial expressions didn't animate very well and the mouths didn't match the words they were speaking particularly well. Some objects were modeled very nicely, but others were of a poor quality and lacked detail. Even though you aren't able to swing the camera around to get a close look at textures, I could still tell that many of the textures were of an average quality. Then there was the screen tearing that was much more noticeable than I thought it would be.

But despite all of these negatives I have a feeling that the tale that this game will tell is going to be great and there is enough fun to be had through some of the action events (like the fight scene) that I think it will be a very enjoyable game for people that want lots of story and not as much action gameplay. Based only on what I played in the demo the score this reviewer gave the game seems about right. But I will of course reserve final judgment for when I play the full game myself.
GIJeff  +   2022d ago
you seem to have crazy standards...other than PS3 first party titles, what console game has better graphics?
Ronster316  +   2022d ago
Oh Dear,
Just as i said before.


And yes, Heavy Rain is currently at 89 an metacritic, but Edge's review has not been added yet.............. hence its a GIGAFLOP.

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