Square Enix Releases Doctored and Misleading FFXIII Screenshots: Shame on Them

Golgotron says, "Clearly Square Enix is not being honest with these recent screenshot releases. This is completely unacceptable and they should not be allowed to use these tactics without major repercussions. I can understand that a lot of video game sites tend to stick to straight reporting of news rather than enter the opinion side of things but something needs to be done about this.

I encourage anybody who is reading this to spread the word and make people aware of Square Enix's dishonest business practices. I will be sending Square Enix an email at [email protected] to express my dissatisfaction with this incident and I encourage others to do the same."


Square Enix stated via twitter, "We are looking into how the #FFXIII altered screens ended up in our presskit &will update asap. This was obviously not intentional..." That statement was 10 hours ago at the time of this update.

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TheHater2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

So I check the images on Kotaku, and they were right


Xbox 360

I don't feel like post all the images, but I hope you guys get the point. If you look at these images, you will notice that all the characters are doing the same exact damage and all have the same exact HP and MP.
This is pretty sad to say the least.

NamelessTed2898d ago

One of the commenters on Kotaku goes into some great detail about how nVidia and ATI hardware render things like anti-aliasing, shadow maps, numerical precision, and texture filters and the typical differences one would expect to see.

It is also worth pointing out that the games run on different engines for each console so you would assume some difference because of that.

Agent Smith2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Dammit Square Enix.

TheHater2898d ago

Haven't you notice that these images are carbon copy of each other with the exception of the Xbox 360 button and PS3 button? Look at the pictures carefully. Its the same screen but one just has the other systems buttons photoshoped in

Bereaver2898d ago

They just photo shopped the L1 button onto most of the things. You can see a black outline around it.

I'm not sure about you guys, but I heard from someone, that a certain version looks miles above another.

Saaking2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

SE sucks. They know the game's been gimped and are trying to keep it as hidden as possible till release date. If FFvsXIII goes multiplat, I'll never buy a new copy of FF again.

SE has lost ALL respect from me and many others. The are one of the, if not THE worst developers around.

Lou-Cipher2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

When the two versions of FF13 get released we will all be able to see the differences, and then we all will have proof on how full of $hit Square Enix have become.

NamelessTed2898d ago

Credit goes to SombraViento

we won2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

LOL I was looking at those pics earlier and thought something was wrong based on how they were exactly the same when you linked them up, like you did. All the reports are saying the 360 version looks more crisp so those pics were suspect.

The FF13 Kotaku article posted earlier today on N4G is the one I'm talking about.

SE did this so they wouldn't upset the PS3 crowd but who doesn't do this in most cases lol.

blu_yu_away2898d ago

Could you have honestly thought you could get away with this? You really expected people to not notice everything in the photos was in the exact same position at the exact same time just with different buttons? If you are going to lie at least put a LITTLE bit of effort into it.

2898d ago
barom2898d ago

Do people just need a reason to hate? So what if they are fake? These are screenshots for fanboys to begin with and to stand up against this issue is to side with fanboyism. Take Square Enix' message, the game is going to be fine on both consoles so no need to compare, buy it on the console of your choice.

snaz272898d ago

however if i was id defo not get it now! if it wasnt bad enough that they sold out this gen, doing shady things like this should never be rewarded.. truth is though. everyone here will still rush out and get it regardless, this sends the message that they can do whatever they like! hit them where it hurts! there pocket! if you must buy it, get it pre owned!

TheHater2898d ago

These images were email to Kotaku by Square Enix.

Megaton2898d ago

So... we ready to chuck Yoichi Wada off the roof of the SE building now?

*puts my jacket on and gets my keys*

snaz272898d ago

if there message was thier both the same, and the message were true, why didnt they release both versions REAL pics? what are they hiding! the fact is they are lying to one or the other! are you happy being lied then? well more fool you! doesnt mean your a fanboy, just cos you dont like lies!

IaMs122898d ago

Dont blame MS because they are not the ones who dropped the ball here. It shouldnt matter if it went multiplat they should still develop and try their hardest on all. Heck take that fat check MS wrote and use it to bring everyone an awesome experience, you know it will cover the charges...

Kain812898d ago

nothing more to say, this is really a punch in the FACE of all the FANs you had Square-enix, but this is not the first punch from you so iam not that disappointed...sad so sad...

mikeslemonade2898d ago

You're blind if you think Microsoft had nothing to do with this. If it wasn't for Microsoft it wouldn't be multiplatform. First FF to average less than a 9 since Final Fantasy 2?

Dragun6192898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

All I can say is press A to Wada

Yup, looks like its the PS3 version with Xbox360 buttons photoshoped on them.
Lets uncover whats behind the LB button shall we.

Looks closer

Rush2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Are we seriously all going to stand here and pretend Square-Enix is the first company to release doctored screen shots of there game. If we made a list of game companys that didn't doctor there screen shot's like adding extra AA and cleaning them up. The list would be far shorter then the list that does.

I guess them screens are abit obvious though but seriously everyone does it its been happening for years. I don't care....

PS2 games have had impossible to look like screen shot's on the back of there cases for years. Just about every games company on the planet does it I can imagine. Its called marketing but since we all seem to have some bone to pick with Square-Enix for FF13 going multiplat.


Noctis Aftermath2898d ago

Terrible tactics SE.

RIP Squaresoft.

FiftyFourPointTwo2898d ago

From now on, SE stands for Square Ewwnix.

Just dont screw up FF Versus XIII, SE.

Sarcasm2898d ago

Even if both versions are "identical" there would still be differences in screenshots. Heck, I think the most identical game out there for PS3 and 360 is Battlefield Bad Company, yet if you look close there are still differences.

Square Enix has no shame.

thesummerofgeorge2898d ago

What a huge loss for gamers, and how sad for the legacy of FF. I wish a developer with the chops to do it would come along and fill their shoes, we need more epic RPGs, ones that tell amazing stories that stick with you long after, ones with a massive scope and meticulous attention to detail. We're slowly losing the adventure in video games.

Great RPGs are too few and far between these days, while I'll hold off judgement on XIII until I play it, I'm very disappointed in what I've been hearing about it over the years. The lack of towns in the game was a big one, towns have always been one of the most charming aspects of FF. I wish an old FF team would get together and make a new RPG series and get back to their roots, great storytelling.

This photo doctoring news comes as no surprise, SE has been very dishonest about XIII since the beginning. Definitely not a good sign... FF fans deserve a lot better, we're the only reason the series is still around. If 'VS XIII' is a dud, I'm done with FF altogether. They can't keep coasting on the FF name alone, coming out with crap and stamping Final Fantasy on it isn't good enough.

Ravage272898d ago

now i REALLY think there's a significant difference between the 2 versions, why else would they do this???

Alvadr2898d ago

Pah, who cares. Devs have been doing this ever since fanboys have been plaguing the internet with there comparisons.

Redempteur2898d ago

lol at least they shopped the right part ...not like GT with grid that just took whatever scene they wanted ...

vhero2897d ago

You can tell they are doctored for the simple reason they captured the exact same split second moment in battle on both consoles. Think about this here I am talking about exactly the same strike, on exactly the same enemy, at exactly the same camera angle while your bars at the side are in EXACTLY the same position. as they are constantly moving with the battle. These 2 hots are what I'm talking about..


Definitely doctored images but why would somebody doctor them? Isn't that obvious?This is Kotaku though one of the biggest 360 fanboy sites around though so I expect nothing less from there.

REbirth2897d ago

the 360 controller will be able to be used on ps3!! and SE just put an option for ps3 users to change their icons when that happen

gaffyh2897d ago

Not cool Squeenix, not cool...

Blaze9292897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

What's with all the crying in here? Sheesh, PS3 fans are still upset over this? I mean:

"I will be sending Square Enix an email at [email protected] to express my dissatisfaction with this incident and I encourage others to do the same"

wtf? lmfao cry more? Who cares what they did? Not like anyone here is picking up the 360 version anyway. Wow, first came the 360 bundle and we're leading up to launch and in comes the sony fanboys whining over nothing they think has not been done before in the gaming industry.

I mean REALLY:

"I will be sending Square Enix an email at [email protected] to express my dissatisfaction with this incident and I encourage others to do the same"

HOW sad is that? All I can say is wtf.

We already have previews saying the games look exactly the same with same saying actually crispier on the Xbox 360 gameplay wise. So what's the big deal. Not like there will be MAJOR difference like a Bayonetta event.

ulgh fanboys

heroicjanitor2897d ago

I just found it funny, maybe the 360 version isn't done yet or the guy didn't know he had to take pictures of both and just shopped it at the last minute. Either way people are definitely overreacting.

Parapraxis2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Blaze929, you are being PATHETIC.
This has nothing to do with which version is better, this is about a company giving out screenshots that are doctored.
Get a clue man, seriously, nobody should be happy about this sort of BS.
Are you that guided by fanboyism?

@ vhero , yes Kotaku did the edits, and so did Joystiq and Siliconera /s


thesummerofgeorge2897d ago

You cry fanboy at anything and everything. The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

Now in reality (a place you might consider visiting) this has nothing to do with fanboys from either side, it's actually a very serious matter of misrepresenting a product that people pay good money for. I don't understand why you can't see that. Have you ever heard the term false advertising? Well I'd venture to say this is exactly that, but at very least, it is most certainly shady, and a questionable act.

Reibooi2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Personally I think MS is to blame on this. From REAL people who have played both versions they say the 360 version is lacking. Even a few things that SE has said in interviews seems to indicate this.

I would be willing to bet that MS is pressuring SE into releasing screens that make both versions look the same so people will not be lead into buying the PS3 version.

While I do have no proof aside from what people who have played the game have said and what I have read it interviews it kinda makes sense.

Would you want people saying the better version of a game was on their console? When the game is in the Final Fantasy series you can see what I'm talking about.

Blaze9292897d ago

Who cares!? You all are acting like the two versions of FF13 will be dramatically different. Sure it's wrong but you guys are acting like it's a wii game being shopped up with 360/ps3 visuals. Or a DS game being touched up with PSP shots. Now something like that WOULD be wrong. This, not so much becuase there isn't that much of a difference if ANY. It's not like people who buy the 360 version will go, "hey, this doesnt look like the screenshots I saw."

Like @heroicjanitor said, you all over really overreacting for no damn reason at all.

I mean really, emailing Square and complaining? rofl

toyuts2897d ago

for the game to be come multi-platform, for the game to have a 360 bundle, and for this lie, and couple other lies over the internet, this possibly could be true tho because you never know how these websites are being influenced by industry people, that can market at the back of their heads

IdleLeeSiuLung2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

"1.12 - This is typical microsoft tactics..........
Im pretty sure they asked se to do this so that they can make the 360 version look better. Then you have the xbox defense force coming to the rescue when they should be actually be demanding games that move foward. Shame" [email protected],

"1.41 - Microsoft probabbly wasted over 350 million
for the game to be come multi-platform, for the game to have a 360 bundle, and for this lie, and couple other lies over the internet, this possibly could be true tho because you never know how these websites are being influenced by industry people, that can market at the back of their heads" [email protected]

"Personally I think MS is to blame on this. From REAL people who have played both versions they say the 360 version is lacking. Even a few things that SE has said in interviews seems to indicate this.

I would be willing to bet that MS is pressuring SE into releasing screens that make both versions look the same so people will not be lead into buying the PS3 version." -reiboo

Yeah, you guys aren't Sony cronies at all. At the minute something goes wrong, it is MS fault. I guess when the game is released in a month and it happens that the 360 version looks better in game play (as reported by Gamespot) you will eat your words, eh?

Then it makes you wonder, who is protecting who.... It's not like this won't be public in any way and people won't be able to expose this. Sounds more like an employee decided to do something stupid on their own. In fact, who knows maybe the pictures aren't from SE themselves. From fields in emails are easy to spoof.

FlameBaitGod2897d ago

Who where the ones saying their is no bias in the gaming media ROFL!!!!!! ???? GT,IGN and now a major company has been cough LOL!!!!!! only a fool would believe their is no bias when it comes to ps3. They give halo, gears and cod better graphics than kz2 and heavy rain in many sites and people still believe there is no bias LOL!

Consoldtobots2897d ago

haha I open the first image for each one in its own tab and quickly switch back and forth and the only thing that changes are the buttons.


Danteh2897d ago

This is ridiculous, they were so respected back in the ps 1 and 2 era, like Rare, now they are just a pile of greedy sh!t

Shame on you SE shame on you ;(

jadenkorri2897d ago

ill compare the ps3 demo to the actual game release, if the demo looks better, its a sad day as ff13 will not be a 1st day purchase, ill actually will be renting to test or borrow from a friend.///

FlameBaitGod2897d ago

Blaze we understand you cus ur used to being lied to by MS, but ps3 gamers aren't used to be lied to :(.

thesummerofgeorge2897d ago

What the hell are you talking about? First off, you're getting all worked up cause you don't think we should care, if you don't care, don't come here to comment. It seems like you care enough to come here and run your mouth about why we shouldn't.

Your hypocrisy aside, I am bothered that SE doctored screenshots, why? Because it's shady, and it's a misrepresentation, as I thought I stated quite clearly before. You don't know that there'll be no big difference, you act as if you do, but you do not. If they are the same than why doctor pictures as opposed to the simpler option of actually releasing legitimate screenshots. Not to mention it's part of a pattern of SE being dishonest with their customers.

There's nothing sad about sending a letter stating your dissatisfaction with a company, it's good as the people paying them, to let them know what you think. If you want something really sad, how about the guy who spends his time writing to people telling them what they shouldn't spend their time caring about. How sad is THAT?

Dannehkins2897d ago

I'm totally confused. You're blaming PS3 owners for complaining even though it has completely nothing to do with who owns what console? You do realise that it's about a company releasing screenshots that are clearly not representative of both consoles?

All I have to say is, good analysis sherlock. :|

ThanatosDMC2897d ago (Edited 2897d ago )

Blaze is just used to bending over for gaming company.

Anyway, this is terrible news and this is false advertising to consumers. I wonder what SE will say about this.

Damn, I just bought SO4:I too. Not that im not enjoying the gameplay... fun game.

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Bilbo652898d ago

Haha so hilarious looking at both the images not 1 tiniest difference except the buttons.

Ahaha so ridiculous

MajesticBeast2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Square enix should get their @ss sued for false advertisement thats for sure. I thought only gametrailers used these kinda techniques to make the 360 version of games look on par with the ps3 guess i was wrong.

VileAndVicious2897d ago

This is EXACTLY why Ill be purchasing resonance of fate over FF13. This is ridiculous Square. You really have made a deal with the devil haven't you?

FreeFalling2898d ago

There's outrage because both versions are identical? Is that so impossible to see? The 360 version of FF13 hasn't been released yet too..

TheHater2898d ago

These screen shots was taken from one version of the game with the other version control photoshopped in.

Unicron2898d ago

It doesn't work that way. This has nothing to do with "which console is better." These are doctored bullshots.

FreeFalling2898d ago

Nevermind, I realize now, looked back again and realized they're the exact same screenshot.

-shakes head in dissapointment-