Movies That NEED A Game Rendition

Go! Gaming Giant lists a number of movies that should be made into games, and what developers should take the reins of the project.

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Murgatroyd72804d ago

Interesting choices...can't really say I agree with any of them, but I suppose a lot of people probably wouldn't agree with my choices.

omicron0092804d ago

those would be some hard movies to make games out of.

Go Gaming Giant2804d ago

Monty Python and the Holy Grail I could see as an comedy adventure game.

Fullish2804d ago

Monty Python and the Holy Grail has already been released as a game, and I have it :D

Murgatroyd72803d ago

I never really found it all that funny. Just not my kind of humor, I guess. I did like some of the references found in the Fallout games, however.

LukeA2803d ago

Great article, thanks.

RaymondM2803d ago

Cool stuff, unfortunately, after some bad games I dont trust licensed games very much. I'll have to play a really really good one to get back in the mood haha
maybe AVP...

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