Get flOw For Free Right Now

Dana Olson writes: "Just checked the PlayStation Store, and it looks like flOw is available for free. Get it if you can!"


flOw will be free on the PSN until 9:00 PM PST, February 13th.

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Bnet3432742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

It's true. Please approve this quickly so others can know. Downloading now. Thanks for the heads up.

Saaking2742d ago

Yep, it's free. Just got mine.

adolson2742d ago

if you like flOw, you'll love Flower... we're giving away two copies later today (same site as this story), just in time for Valentine's Day. :)

goflyakite2741d ago

Got mine too, thanks for the article!

taco_tom2372741d ago

got mine....relaxing game.

Shang-Long2741d ago

Everything is better FREE

legendkilla2741d ago

lol ive had this game for years now! nothing too exciting

ProblemSolver2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

Within the current description of flOw (within the make.believe section of the
NA PSN store) one can read; only available for the US and Canada.

Europe may get something tomorrow.

reaferfore202741d ago

Make an American account for science's SAKE!

Death24942741d ago

Yeah i downloaded it and everything just now. I guess they were doing because it's been out for so long.

duplissi2741d ago

meh, had it since it came out... good for everyone else though.

fantasygamer2741d ago

i have this game already and its pretty cool and you cant beat something thats free ^,..^

Alvadr2741d ago

Efff free. Just give us Europeans the damn trophy patch that the US got months ago.

aftrdark212741d ago

Downloading it now! Thanks for the info.

Automat2741d ago

The flOw trophypatch released in EU in december... stop complaining and try starting the game instead....

ScarT2741d ago

Use this proxy on your PS3.

Took 30mins to download fl0w. Slow, but OK for a free game i guess.

ChozenWoan2741d ago

and now it's mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine not yours mine
mine mine mine mine mine
mine mine mine mine mine



ok i'm back what did I miss

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nix2742d ago (Edited 2742d ago )

all i got was an error.

EDIT- maybe it's for US only. i'm not from USA. all i got was "HTTP ERROR 403". after i clicked on Download button.

The Dark Knight2741d ago

Hmmmm can't get it in Australia.

TheDeadMetalhead2741d ago

Just make a US PSN account and get it that way.

Yi-Long2741d ago

... Maybe they blocked it off for us. We all know Sony doesn't give a crap about their European customers (just like Microsoft btw, with their ridiculous prices for 'games on demand' in Europe, for example).

Too bad. I really got excited about getting this game for free.

Yi-Long2741d ago

We obviously already have a US Account, which is where we tried to download it. It gives the error-message. :)

The Dark Knight2741d ago

Yeah i have one, but get the same error code ^ and says its a server problem so most likely locked :(

zme-ul2741d ago

free flOw outside US is blocked
I get an 403 HTTP error when I try to download it

weazel2741d ago

Yup. 403 error, so no dice in the eu. (On an american account dmh)

lelo2play2741d ago

Yep... have an american account but gives me an error. It's a pity Sony treats their biggest market (Europe) this way.

MiloGarret2741d ago

Just to add a completely unnecessary comment: Yeah, it happened to me too. Strange that they didn't do the same thing when rag doll kung fu was free due to some promo in the US.