1UP: Star Trek Online Review

It's currently a very good multiplayer space combat game with questionable ground combat and mission design. The space combat helps set it apart from other MMORPGs though, and that gives it a unique niche that Cryptic can build upon if they're willing to focus on developing the player-versus-player content. For now though, the combat feels like the core of a promising but extremely unfinished MMORPG.

With the possible exception of the ground combat, none of the problems described above are beyond repair. Hopefully, Cryptic will eventually make good on that promise and create a game that most Star Trek fans -- if not Gene Roddenberry -- can appreciate.

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UnwanteDreamz3051d ago

That sound you hear is the lamentation of Trekkies everywhere. jk

Sharpshell3051d ago

I like it quite a bit, the ground combat isn't broken as much as its just so easy its not even worth trying. the space combat is very entertaining, and can even be challenging. As far as its relation to the star trek universe, I was very surprised at how well I felt like it fit. I think the quests, or as they are called in this game, episodes, work quite well and feel right, and they have even come up with a reasonable justification for the increased fighting than what is in the star trek shows and movies, I mean its very much shoot shirts and ask questions later which is not at all how it goes down in Star Trek.

My only real complaint which they haven't really confused on in this review is that for an MMO, other people are almost irrelevant. It plays almost like a single-player game, and they have this great feature that allows you to automatically go into a group, but if you even try to talk with these people you most likely won't get a response, because you don't need to communicate in order to coordinate, if everyone just does they're job then it'll work out fine. Its kind of disappointing that your paying to play a game where you feel like the people you get most attached to are the npcs in your own crew who make up your entire away team almost every single time.

Personally as a fan of Star Trek what I would have done to help negate this is add a feature where if your in trouble in one are you can issue a distress call that will show up to nearby players and they can respond and warp there for an auto-episode thing complete with rewards.