Bungie Weekly Update: 02/12/10

Bungie writes:

"Every neuron in our heads are firing Reach, Reach, Reach.

The payload has been delivered. Noble Actual has taken back to the friendly skies, headed due north. By now you've been blown away by the beautiful and alien and huge media blast we deployed for Microsoft's X10 Expo festivities and the subsequent explosive inaugural ViDoc for Halo: Reach. If not, take a second to survey the damage for us.

And since the Reach Beta is now definitively set for May 3rd, you can bet we've got big, delta force type plans to bring you all kinds of tidbits about this deliciously crazy sausage over the next couple of months. After all, we haven't even shown squat from the multiplayer side yet. Hell, we haven't really shown you that much from campaign. This is what you might call the tip of the proverbial iceberg and you best believe that we're gonna take you on a deep dive before you swim around in the public beta pool.

Soon, dear friends. Soon."

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