New Aion Account Services Offer Big Changes

Aion is following in the footsteps of fellow NCsoft title Guild Wars, adding features very similar to those offered with the fourth birthday update. Aion fans can now purchase items through Account Services and make changes to their character's name, appearance, or even the gender. Legion name changes are available as well.

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lucifon2953d ago

After loosing my account to hackers it took NCSoft over 3 weeks to get it back to me, during this time I had 2 weeks and a half of NO contact whatsoever from them. I was forced to create a second ticket just to get them to answer my first. I shall not be supporting NCSoft with Aion or any future titles.

To compare a buddy of myn over the past few years has lost his WoW account and Aion account. With WoW it took him a 10 minute phonecall and boom he had all his stuff back and sorted. But with Aion/NcSoft - he's literally given up trying to get it back from them.

Neo Nugget2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Yeah, I heard both Aion and Guild Wars had some problems with account hacks. I don't know how Aion handled everything, but Arena Net handled everything smoothly IMO.