Joystiq: Fragile Dreams Hands-On

While, mechanically, it's a fairly standard action-adventure game – something like one of the PS2 Silent Hills with experience points – everything about the game contributes to a distinctive mood. Fragile Dreams is an exploration of quiet -- something few games ever have any room for.

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dgroundwater2804d ago

Another good preview. That bonus CD sound tempting as well.

CherryLu-Chan2804d ago

and has become one of my most anticipated titles. The look and feel of the story and game sounds captivating, whilst the 'lost souls' aspect resonates with me in the same was as the wonderful '1000 years of dreams' moments did in Lost Odyssey.
Genuinely can't wait for this.

hatchimatchi2804d ago

cool, i've been looking forward to this ever since cubed3 was showing previews of it 2 years ago.