Mario's Pipeline Show: Reading Your Favorite Co-Op Suggestions

Koku Gamer writes: "So in the previous show, we asked you to tell us what your favorite Co-Op games were (pre 2007) and we got some response!

JewWario and Shuuki look at what you viewers wrote as they respond and discuss your comments."

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WengYong2898d ago

There are many co-op games that work well and some that fail. The new Mario game on the Wii is perfectly done. You have to be careful with your partners but at the same time is just so fun to kill someone

Ziriux2898d ago

I do agree with you on the Mario game, but almost all that take effort to include co-op are good enough to me for making stride to include co-op.

Saaking2898d ago

There should be more Co-op in games. Especially splitscreen.

Ziriux2898d ago

Agreed, I personally think it should be a norm.

Valay2897d ago

A lot of people get annoyed with New Super Mario Bros. Wii's co-op, but so far I've enjoyed it.

Ziriux2897d ago

To me being able to knock off your friends in co-op is part of the fun great gameplay, even if they meant it or not.

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