Uncharted 2: Among Thieves DLC Blast

IGN: Who is ready to get shot in the face like it's 2007 all over again? Yes, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is about to get a booster shot of multiplayer content, and it's all themed around Uncharted: Among Thieves. Multiplayer maps, skins, PlayStation Network Trophies, and medals are all on their way to Nathan Drake's latest adventure on Feb. 25, 2010.

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Cajun Chicken3079d ago

In the end, there will only be Raja.

maskedwarrior3079d ago

This might be what IGN was refeering to with the trophy hint in the podacst. No MGS4 or VC trophy patch for now.

Dragun6193079d ago

Yes, this was a major update I needed to go back to Uncharted 2!
Multiplayer and Co op trophies! I shall cram this within the small time I have considering that I'm also getting Heavy Rain the same week this patch releases. So many games but not enough time to play them.


Yeah, IGN's Greg Miller tried to back track the statement on IGN forums saying that people misunderstood what he said. People were really expecting a MGS4 trophy patch, when really it was for Uncharted 2. Not a let down but still I would rather have MGS4 trophy patch.

-Alpha3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

I dont even own VC or MGS IV anyway lol.

This would definitely get me back into the MP.

Actually I'll probably play tonight, it's been a while since I played some Plunder.

Also, I hope some new modes make their way to the game. I would like me some "Hold the Gold" where you score points for holding the treasure.

The skins are $2.99, what BS. The bundle sounds good but I'll just get the maps if I have money in my PSN Wallet.

young juice3079d ago

i think naughty dog should have done this from the start.

the multiplayer was fun but it gat kinda stale after a few hours.

alphakennybody3079d ago

HEHE! think you could escape from moi? You don't mess with Eddy RAJA!

UnSelf3079d ago

this is exactly whats goin to hold me down til March 16th.

Sony gets an A i swear, their performance lately has just been unequalled

Cajun Chicken3079d ago

Seriously, they need a event where EVERYONE is Eddy Raja, just to sarcastically make up for the fact of how many people asked and how long we had to wait for Eddy Raja in MP.

morganfell3079d ago

Ha ha Eddy. Just remember what happened the last time you need Drake's help...

This is great news. We were on UC2 MP two nights ago. Fantastic to get these great versions from Drakes Fortune.

Solidus187-SCMilk3079d ago

im not in to the other modes just deathmatch so I WISH THEY WOULD MAKE A FREE-FOR-ALL mode.

FamilyGuy3079d ago

That would be crazy but unfortunately you'd end up spawning with enemies. I'd like a free for all mode though so that I could further stand out as an awesome player.

N4BmpS3079d ago

Old faces vs new faces

sikbeta3079d ago

Eddy Raja is a Tough Man, Glad to see him Again XD

This DLC is a REAL Blast, Damn EPIC

Gamers FTW!!!

badz1493079d ago

now I need to get my game back from my friend! and should find PSN cards on ebay! I hope someone have it for cheap!

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Cajun Chicken3079d ago

Someone might have stolen Gameradar's PS3 announcement...

young juice3079d ago


why would games radar give a teaser thats already been released.

mistajeff3079d ago

These won't take away my Platinum, will they?

Emmettcelticfan3079d ago

nope your safe the percentage of tophies will decrease depending on how many new trophies are added but you still retain your platnium trophy

redsquad3079d ago

I'll keep my platinum yes, but that '100%' in my trophy list does look rather sweet. Shame to lose it, if only for a short time (I hope!)

mistajeff3078d ago

whew, okay, thanks! i have SO much to catch up on though, i don't think ill be getting this for a while.

kingboy3079d ago

just what the doctor prescribed for my addiction

mrv3213079d ago

Ok, so for the sake of this. Uncharted=Cocaine

Your currently addicted to the cocaine. How could a doctor giving you more cocaine be curing you addiction? And why would a doctor give cocaine.

It's not a bad addiction I'll give you that.

Godmars2903079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )


This probably blows the big announcement on Monday too.

Redempteur3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

woow ..these ..will make me play again ( stopped becuase of white knight and wipeout hd )

Incrédible ND way to update your game like anyone wanted

"NONE shall pass" !!

Another good thing is that there is no map trophy ( i'm looking at you killzone 2) and that everyone wille start earning these at the same time since they aren't backward compatible ...

crazyturkey3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Naughty Dog

Eddy is back

ps3hasonlyflopgames3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

LMAO! the online of this garbage game died in the first week...

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