Heavy Rain PS3 ranks No. 1 at Amazon

Sony Corp.'s Heavy Rain for the Playstation 3 ranked as a top-selling product in on strong demand and buzz for the title.

This week, Heavy Rain held the No. 1 rank in Amazon's Video Games division. It held a rank in the top 10 earlier in the week.

Sony this week released the Heavy Rain demo to the Playstation Network. The Heavy Rain demo includes two full chapters from the final game with characters Norman Jayden, an FBI profiler, and Scott Shelby, a private investigator.

Heavy Rain is an interactive thriller that will include four characters and a wealth of choices that determine the fate of each.

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FangBlade3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I never expected it to be no. 1 on Amazon.
Glad to see this game has such a strong demand.

-Alpha3082d ago

Quite shocked actually. Imagine what FF13 or GoW3 will do.

Dragun6193082d ago

From the looks of it, Heavy Rain, Final Fantasy XIII and God of War 3 has brought the PS3 up to the top five on Amazon. And since Sony announced that they're tight with the PS3 supply, I think need to increase the production of PS3s in order to meet the demand for the coming weeks when all three titles release mere weeks apart from each other.

Honestly, I can't wait play all three of them. :)

Prototype3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Good demo, definitely day 1 for me if not a midnight release.

By the way the game reminds me of some of the older Sega CD games like Wirehead, Snatcher, and Sewer Shark, but that's just me.

sikbeta3082d ago

I'm so glad to see people supporting this Game, It deserve all the support possible, HR will be an Amazing Mature Game that breaks the Habit in this Days of Gaming

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Nice reception from the gaming community.

AKS3082d ago

Definitely. Gamers really don't have an equivalent to what indie and art films are to cinema. Hopefully games like Heavy Rain, Alan Wake, and The Last Guardian will be well received and demonstrate that there is a market for this type of labor of love and artistic and creative vision by developers trying to do something different. It's tough to get funding for a 4 or 5 year project that may not sell well, especially with the economy being wrecked at the moment. I'm glad to see Quantic Dream is getting some support for their efforts. I'm certainly going to do my part. This game looks great, and I'm hoping it will lead to even better things in the future.

raztad3082d ago

I'm happy for this. Considering MAG still managed to sell over 500K in just two weeks WorldWide and it never reached anything close the top ten on amazon, this could be a very good sign for HR. I'm guessing HR will do much better in Eu/Japan than NA.

tiamat53082d ago

Take that doubters and naysayers. My confidence in Sony is reinforced.

Raoh3082d ago

that's good news for sony and quantic dream, especially for gamers, this could mean companies will take notice that we want more innovative games and not only shooters, action and sandbox games

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