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Of all of the games on offer at X10, the Xbox Live Game Room was the only one I was cynical about before the event, I mean releasing games from the 80's, some of which are already on Xbox Live Arcade, what were they thinking? Well having a hands on has changed my mind entirely and as it turns out, the Game Room is a much richer experience than I first thought.

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negrito2112898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

you guys can love your little arcade room and stuff and praise it all day but in PS HOME you have a whole bunch of things to do and play... over 100 games and its gets bashed saying its a waste of time bla bla bla. can SOMEBODY explain that to me please?....

home offers more and gets bashed like a gladiator fight, the "game room" has little compared to HOME and gets praised like jesus second coming....