MLB 10 The Show Reveal Video

DualShockers writes:

Are you wondering how MLB 10 The Show is going to look? Wonder no more and check out the sexiness that will be hitting your PS3 shortly. This is hands down the best baseball franchise ever made. This footage just makes me want to dust off my copy of MLB 09 until this one releases. What do you think?

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taz80803026d ago

This video really looks incredible, one of the best MLB games yet

FishCake9T43026d ago

Dude every MLB The Show game ever made is at the pinicle of sports games. Best series of sports games IMO and im English.

mastiffchild3025d ago

Same as Fishcake here:I'm English and accept what an amazing job thy do with this series even though I don't like baseball! I think they do a fantastic job with the looks and the game mechanics and, to be honest, as a long time(til this years round of footy games) PES fanboy I'd love to see these gguys make a football game to rival EA's Fifa franchise seeing as Konami and Shingo seem to have lost the plot a little.

Not that Fifa10 isn't a grewat game-it is-it's just that I'd relish seeing whatbthis team could bring to "the beautiful game" for us footy fans. You baseballers are getting way spoiled by The Show every year, imo.

Fancy wasting time on a minority sport, played in, like, three countries and addled with steroid and drug abuse starring blokes in pyjamas when they could be working on the worlds favourite and best sport? I kid, I kid! Lve to see what they could do with a football game, however(I don't say "soccer" as it doesn't exists), and wonder if they could make the transition to it in order to create a game as accurate in fact and in feeling to what they manage with this series.

Honestly, I couldn't care muuch less about baseball but these guys deserve every bit of credit they get and were they working on more traditional "gamey" games I think they'd get a hell of a lot more plaudits. Amnnother surprisingly noticable step forwards for "the Show" on top of a very impressive base.

taz80803026d ago

Too bad 360 and Wii gamers will never get to play this one. Gotta stick with MLB 2k series instead,

IG_DARKSA1NT3026d ago

Should be an awesome game! Just in time for Spring Training.

Hitman07693026d ago

The MLB 2K series is looking great but so is this one. I think its great how these two games are innovating themselves so much this year. It will be interesting to see what their competition will do and also how 2011 will shape up.

Hitman07693026d ago

Very Cool, I can't decide between this and MLB 2K, which one looks better?

-Alpha3026d ago

Has been proven (09) to have better animations, I think the only complaint about last year's graphics was that the audience in 2K was better.

The Show is probably Sony's most forgotten exclusive last year, which is unfortunate because it's solid.

The trailer made baseball actually look interesting, and I hate sports games in general.

spunnups3026d ago

The Show is is far and away the superior game in every aspect. It's not even close.

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The story is too old to be commented.