GameSpy: Heavy Rain Review

GameSpy writes: "I wish a camera could have taken stills of my face as I played through Heavy Rain. While it's not the first game to engage my sensitive side, it's certainly the most intense emotional experience I've had with a controller in my hand. And I'm not just talking about tears, either: Playing through the story made me mad, happy, content, and anxious in ways that few games ever have."

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Cartesian3D2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

Heavy rain is my most anticipated game this generation.. may be you think Im crazy .. I've been playing games every day since I was 4 starting with commodore 64 ( Im 24 now ) and I always love these kind of games... AKA "DIFFERENT from others".

its really hard to be different now days , we have shooters,actions,puzzles,adven ture,simulators,sports...etc

HEAVY RAIN is none of the above.. and thats the reason I want it more.

EDIT: anyone played BLADE RUNNER? I didnt play HR , but I think the only game similar to this game beside indigo prophecy is BR.I loved that game too(cuz of atmosphere)

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2994d ago (Edited 2994d ago )

''Heavy rain is my most anticipated game this generation''

Acorrding with Gamespot, it is.

But I tough it was God of War 3 (according with VGA or a lot of sites), or Gran Turismo 5.

Looks like PS3 Exclusives have the cake for this year.

wollie2994d ago

OMG I loved blade runner. Such an awesome game (and movie of course).

Cartesian3D2993d ago

BLADE RUNNER was one my fav games of all time.. it wasnt that huge in gameplay or anyting (just visuals using pre rendered stuff)

anyway hope to see games like that.. and Im sure HEAVY RAIN will be my second game of all time in term of atmosphere and connection between you and game (remember the feeling of game for ever)

bjornbear2991d ago

i never finished it, just played it at a friend's, but for HOURS and I loved it

one that I did play and was very similar too was Sanitarium! And it also falls into the HR type of game -

investigative gameplay! I LOVE IT =3

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A good score.

Congratulations QD, is getting good scores in most of the sites.