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Flower Dynamic Theme Now Available, Original Soundtrack Announced

Randall Lowe on Playstation Blog writes:

"Hey Everyone.

Randall Lowe here with a lot of really exciting Flower news and announcements. It is my honor to be posting on behalf of Jenova Chen or Kellee Santiago, the creative geniuses at thatgamecompany behind Flower.

Today, February 12, we're all very proud to be celebrating the one year anniversary of Flower's release on the PSN. Before I get onto the news, perhaps I should recap for those of you who aren't familiar with Flower.

Flower is a completely new experience in gaming that takes you on an emotional journey through vivid and beautiful landscapes. In it, you guide the wind to collect flower petals, float above grassy hills, and paint the world with color and light. Since its debut, it has won a ton of awards and recognitions, from critics and fans alike, as a truly unique experience and ground-breaking game. If you missed it, here's Jenova and Kellee accepting the award for Best Indie Game at the Spike VGAs in December. If you haven't tried the game out yet, now's the perfect chance"

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Mucudadada2902d ago

*Waits patiently for TGC's next game...

By "patiently" I mean I really, really want it!

Malebaria2902d ago

Getting the OST as soon as it´s released.

Oh and I´m still waiting for the promised inFamous´ OST on the PSN Store!

Myst2902d ago

Might as well buy the theme now.

Dr_Nefarious2902d ago

I forgot all about this game. I guess I need to play it again. definately one of the best games this gen. I wish I knew the theme would actually be good. I bought the heavy rain theme and it well sorta let me down. Still a little on the cool side though considering what gaming and consoles used to be before having an online.

HOSe2902d ago

i think the themes free???

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