Final Fantasy XIII: Your Questions Answered

PS Blog: "Earlier in the week, we told you we'd be meeting up with Square Enix to talk Final Fantasy XIII with Producer Yoshinori Kitase and Director Motomu Toriyama, along with the Battle Director Yuji Abe. So all your questions went to the former, which you can read in full form below."

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Gun_Senshi2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

Why there are no Shops in the game?
Why there are no side quests in the game?
Why is there no japanese soundtrack?
Why there are no towns?
Why there are no NPCs?

Vivi2992d ago

I have some answers!

Why there are no Shops in the game?

Save points have around 10 different shops.

Why there are no side quests in the game?

There are around 50 hours of sidequests at the end of the game.

Why is there no japanese soundtrack?

Because it's Japanese. This is the English release.

Why there are no towns?

The game has 3 cities.

Why there are no NPCs?

Plenty of NPC's. One of the games areas probably has more NPC's packed in one screen then an entire city in an older FF game.

Gun_Senshi2992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

thank you for confirming there are no towns and shops and npcs you can get sidequest or talk to buy/sell

cities is where the story will occur and you get sidequests/shop at SAVE POINT!

Karsghul2992d ago

They wanted to try something different. They wanted the story to move forward quickly "call of duty like".

Shang-Long2992d ago

Vivi - im sry but you fail.

Darrius Cole2992d ago

The answer to all the questions is "we ran out of space."

I have a different question....

"Why aren't the side-quests at the beginning of the game instead of at the end?"

Then the game would be open from the beginning. Want to guess what the answer is?

MTEC82991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

I guess you have never seen any good Japanese anime, the best way to watch it IMO is with Japanese audio/English subtitles. If there is room left on the BD why not just throw it on there for us PS3 owners....sigh.

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iamtehpwn2992d ago

-Where is Final Fantasy Versus XIII?

- When will be ready to actually produce HD games without complaining about the difficulty?

-Why do you guys suck so badly now that you've joined with Enix?

Noctis Aftermath2992d ago

Versus better be a full game, i don't want some 20 hour spinoff.

iamtehpwn2991d ago (Edited 2991d ago )

If you play XIII, you'll know the story is extremely unrelated. There's no cocoon or pulse, nor are there L'Cie or Fal'Cie involved in Versus XIII. So in that sense, it's different.

Also Nomura has confirmed Versus XIII will have--not just towns, but actual full blown Cities with day/night cycle.

...How is it that the Versus XIII team can do cities and maintain what the developers say to be better than XIII's visuals, if towns couldn't be done in XIII because of the HD visual requirement...?

97gsx2991d ago

So versus will have nothing to do with 13? No characters from versus appeared in 13? I thought it would tie in with 13 but be a full blown game not a spinoff. Kinda weird right?

iamtehpwn2991d ago

The only thing they have in common is a mythos. That's the only thing that holds Fabula Nova Crystallius together...

Lightning, Snow, Vanille, Fal'cie, L'cie, Cocoon...none of this even happened in Versus XIII.

In all honestly, if the gameplay wasn't radically different from a normal FF, and the Mythos wasn't tied with XIII's (and some other things that Nomura was only vague about why it wasn't--at the time called "14"), it'd honestly be Final Fantasy 15.

Reibooi2991d ago


Recently there was a interview with Kitase talking about how the XIII games are related and as you said he says they are related by the mythos of the crystal. However he also says the L'Cie and Fal'Cie are part of that mythos. So while taht doesn't confirm they will be in Versus it doesn't mean they won't be either.

The game hasn't come out yet so nothing about the game is 100% confirmed even the things Nomura himself says can change and evolve as the game progresses in development.

iamtehpwn2991d ago

So far, Fal'Cie and L'cie as a concept maybe reused.

Remember, The Death Goddess Etro, gives Noctis and Stella an ability to see a special Light. Now, this isn't Fal'cie and L'cie, but it appears to be a similar concept. I think that's where the mythos plays its role.

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ablecain2992d ago

I'm really concerned about the absence of cities and towns to explore. What does the gameplay consist of outside of battling? Seriously, I'd really like to know.

Ninji2992d ago

After battling you can walk straight until you get into another battle or trigger a cutscene & then repeat.

BeaArthur2992d ago

ablecain...I'm a little concerned as well. I'm worried that too much was stripped away in terms of towns and freedom to roam. I understand that around the 40 hour mark the game branches out and isn't as linear but the removal of some series staples (towns to name one) has me a little concerned. Although the first few reviews seem to paint the game in a good light so we will just have to see. I will probably pick it up no matter what but there is a thin line between change and reinventing the wheel. I hope Square-Enix hasn't tried to reinvent the wheel.

Xwow20082992d ago (Edited 2992d ago )

but really how a FF game without npc or towns will be like..time will tell.
DAY 0 buy :))

richierich2992d ago

I agree with Ninji it seems like Final Fantasy 13 is basicly do a few battles watch a cutscene do another few battles watch another long cutscene and keep repeating these steps until you have finished the game. Where are the puzzles and towns? Looks like SquareEnix has lost their talent bigtime. I think that game developers these days dont put any effort into their games anymore all they care about is getting the game made and getting their money

BeaArthur2992d ago

If they didn't care about the game and only cared about the money it would not have been in development for all these years.

almasy9192991d ago

Well all those "years in development" could point to incompetence and lack of foresight (developing XIII on the PS2 first). Heck, it seems they spent most of their time on the graphics of all things. Oh, and getting bullet points from Call of Duty on how to tell an RPG story. Oy vey.

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