New GT5 footage shows improved detail and textures

PSUni: The GT Academy finals are currently underway and one advantage for us mere mortals (who don't quite have the skills of these top racing gamers) is that we get to have a look at the latest build of Gran Turismo 5. Sure, many us played the Time Trial for the GT Academy, but we understand that much of the graphics engine wasn't updated from GT5: Prologue, only the physics were.

So with the following low-quality video of the GT Academy finals in France we can get a good look at the Fuji track that we've previously enjoyed in Prologue. As you might be able to see, the track and roadside have seen an impressive upgrade in texture detail. Also the game's lighting appears to be improved over Prologue, one of Polyphony Digital's many strengths, though this could be a side-effect of the capture method used to take the video. So here's a comparison about what we're talking about.

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nskinnear2929d ago

Great improvement. Now give us a release date :)

JohnTheBaptist2929d ago

Just another 3 years to go, they have to try to bring it up to Forza 3 quality. It will take them a bit more time yet.

edoman202929d ago

"Just another 3 years to go, they have to try to bring it up to Forza 3 quality. It will take them a bit more time yet."

yeah rigth..... now go to your anti-drugs therapy

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stb2929d ago

...Dud get a fcking life. omg what delusional bot.

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nogolis2929d ago

Hell, they've only been working on it for thirty years now. Seriously, the last GT game released when? 5 years ago? Please. This game should be hyper realistic by now.

Fishy Fingers2929d ago

Umm... It is hyper realistic. Also, many games take 5 years when your starting completely from scratch. You want the best, you have to wait for it.

techie2929d ago

The last GT game released in...2009. Splinter Cell Conviction should be hyper-realistic by now.

Lifendz2929d ago

When GT5 is released later this year I have a feeling it'll be the last racing sim I'll need/want for a long time. Look at Heavy Rain. I didn't think we'd get to that level of visual fidelity this gen. GT5 is going to raise the bar so high that you won't want to look at another racer.

mrv3212929d ago

Wasn't GT5:P a game?

How long has Alan Wake been in production and wasn't Too Human 10 years?

I'm just saying :P

nogolis2929d ago

GTP isn't a full GT game... It was a side game and everyone knows that. I'm talking full on code. They even said GTP was GT4 with some redone textures and Ps3 code. GT4 was the last GT game and that was many years ago.

ALFAxD_CENTAURO2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

What are talking about.

Obviously will have better graphics than other simulators, that is a FACT.

But you forget it will have 1000 Cars, a lot of things they need to work, detail by detail. Graphics is not the only thing why they took so long to finish (or almost done) the game.

And the game still in development build according in the site. So is gonna have better graphics than this.

techie2929d ago

BTW I was talking about GT PSP. Very much a full game.

sackgirl2929d ago

GT5P still has more content than most racing games.

Sarcasm2929d ago

Perfection takes time. Mediocrity takes 2 years and a building full of ass hats like Turned 10.

Besides, Polyphony Digital is able to pump out GTHD, GT5P Demo, GT5P, And GT PSP in the past 3 years. So not only are they able to make GT5 with 1000 cars with a plethora of features, it's not really that long. And also keeping note that Gran Turismo 1 for the PS1 also took 4-5 years.

Claudinho692929d ago

im sorry, here at sony we dont prefer rushed products to benefit the business more than the consumer...but ty

fishd2929d ago

Tourist Trophy

2 full games,realeased after GT4.

TotalPS3Fanboy2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Only PS3 can make something as dirty and ugly as dirt looks beatiful.

360 fanboys need to complain about GT5 more. Because the more they complain, the better GT5 gets, because PolySony are perfectionists. It's a win-win situation for everybody. 360 fanboys get to whine as much they want while PS3 fanboys get a more and more perfect game in the process.

Hanif-8762929d ago

Everyone in their right mind knew you simply couldn't judge the GT Academy Time Trail Demo for its graphics.. the thing is 200mb, you must be suffering from retardation to believe thats the final look.

sikbeta2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Ah...People still Whinning?

What You Prefer, An Almost Perfect Racing Sim or an slightly-update of a Racing Game?

Think about it, I'm all for Perfection, just Give me GT5, if you don't want to wait play this:



rockleex2929d ago

The most beautiful tasting dirt I've ever smelled!

Yes, the graphics are so awesome that my words don't even make sense!

bnaked2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

The quality is very low at some points, but you can see, how great the grass looks! ^^ yes the grass is looking great! So maybe now, people recognise that the demo was downgraded..

edit: I think Yamauchi will blow us away.. I mean, Polyphony Digital are creating a GT title on the PS3, what you expect? It will be insane..

aaron58292929d ago

Yea... we've been trying to explain to them... the demo was nothing but a physics demo... the graphics were from the old build... yet, they chose to ignore it...

I hope this latest build shows them, PD means business..

beardpapa2929d ago

I don't know about you guys, but what I noticed a lot about the video was that the guy actually knows how to drive ... compared to a lot of the other bs videos we've seen.

Darth Stewie2929d ago

The last GT released was 2009 for the PSP.

likedamaster2929d ago

Am I missing something here? That looks exactly the same as prologue. The camera view doesn't help either.

Hanif-8762928d ago (Edited 2928d ago )

If Polyphony Digital and Sony are smart should should release an updated build of the game, because the GT Academy Time Trail Demo certainly did turn alot of heads...even though it still did look way better than Forza 3, just not on GT5 Prologue level of graphics :-)

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FishCake9T42929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

OMG. Everything Forza fanboys mocked about GT is being improved to a point that is well beyond the XBOX 360's capability. There is only one GT. KAZ IS KING.


I mean come on look at the Fing starting grid and the beautiful grass. Just imagine the dirt in the Grand Canyon.

cmrbe2929d ago

What is that?. A washing machine?.

Cold 20002929d ago

So when is the release date ?


I can't appreciate the details and graphics with that kind of camera.

Rock Bottom2929d ago

17 years before Too Human 2.

Terry Tate2929d ago

I can't believe how nice that screen looks, and its not even a hi-res shot.
Can I play it yet? Please?
goes back to Forza 3

hennessey862929d ago

well the textures are definitley improved but as far as can see the way over the top suspention trvel is still there and well hav to wait and see about the pathetic excuses for sound effects especialy the engine noises oh well back to the amazing forza 3

badz1492929d ago

why do you even care?? your aren't going to buy it anyway!

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fantasygamer2929d ago

Nice Improvements now we just need a really good quality video to see just how nice it really does look O,..O