Leona Lewis Talks and Plays Final Fantasy XIII

British songstress Leona Lewis plays and talks Final Fantasy XIII in this video that promotes Square Enix's recently announced FFXIII contest. The singer of "My Hands" - the international FFXIII single - is best known for winning The X Factor, as well as her singles "Better in Time", "Footprints in the Sand", and "Happy".

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TheHater3079d ago

She was actually serious when she said this.

Julie3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Meh i feel her like she was reading and everything was like fake/plastic , me no like :(

Julie3079d ago

EDIT: lol sorry for the "Meh i feel her like she " i wrote that fast cause the boss was comming to my office :p , and now is too late for to edit my message :I

I meant:

"Meh i feel like she was reading, blah blah"

Myst3079d ago

"R's" in Japan are pronounced with an "L" like sound so it'd still be the same, Example Sakura --> Saku"la"

IrishAssa3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

F**k , I feel like a loser to have even been associated with final fantasy, everytime I look at a vid I cringe , its too over dramatic. That music annoys me,, the reason I like the other FF's is because they have songs that you've never heard that aren't pop songs . F**k . Versus better not follow this.

Edit--- who are they trying to appeal too with this? A sxy singer won't make me buy it, it'll just make me think Hollywood F**k Final Fantasy up. That's what I feel when I see vids of this game now .

Edit 2--- I know hollywood has nothing to do with FF but that's what it feels like

Pozzle3078d ago

I agree. Remeber songs like "Eyes on Me" from FFVIII or "Suteki Da Ne" from FFX? They fit beautifully with the scenes/games they were put in, and didn't feel like they were there for the sake of having a popular singer there.
Square Enix put alot of thought into such songs and, as a result, it really showed with the final product. And they also introduced Western players to singers that we've never heard of before. I WANTED to check out Faye Wong's songs after playing FFVIII or Rikki's songs after FFX. Hell, I even wanted to check out Gackt's songs after playing (the rather disappointing) Dirge of Cerberus, despite not being 100% behind the idea of putting him in the secret ending. (But oh well, Genesis was going to happen anyway, even without Gackt. At least Gackt suggested to fix up Genesis' ridiculous outfit so it didn't have so many random belts and chains. lol)

Aaaaanyway...the recent Final Fantasy songs have felt too commercialized. They don't feel like they have been put in the games to add to a scene, or create an emotion for players. They feel like they have been added to boost sales (for both the game and the singer). It's disappointing, because Final Fantasy songs used to be one of the series' highlights for me.

IrishAssa3078d ago

Yeah they are one of the best things about FF, theirs good few geat songs in the new one too, its just there's a whole load of PoP ones too, Leona Lewis + FF= NO

robotnik3079d ago

I didn't know who Leona Lewis was until I heard about she was singing the FFXIII main theme. I don't like pop music but meh, I will buy the game.