When Games Forget their Roots Everyone Loses

From the feature editorial:

"Video Games have existed just a bit longer than I've been alive to play them (a sentence that will surely date me in the eyes of my audience). But since their inception into the world and over the expanse of time into our popular culture, there have been franchises that have received multiple iterations and have 'changed with the times', so to speak. Most notably would be Mario, Nintendo's lovable plumber who has rescued Princess Peach on more occasions than I care to remember. Over the years we have seen other characters such as Sonic and Master Chief grow into characters that are shaped over series of games, both good and bad. For the most part, these are franchises that have remained fresh and interesting out of the sole fact that they've stuck with the mechanics that made them fun in the first place."

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UltimaEnder3052d ago

Hopefully the upcoming Perfect Dark will be better on XBLA - however like movies I think developers should not do remakes (Bionic and Alone in Dark sank).....

MajesticBeast3051d ago

Bionic commando Rearmed was good the 3d version just wasnt.

nix3051d ago

how about that? i'm more worried about 'fanboy' journalists who are at the helm. instead of educating gamers all they do is find faults because "it's exclusive to certain console". what we need is journalists wholeheartedly embracing new IPs instead of saying "brings nothing new", " too much variety" etc...

Finch3051d ago

But i have to agree. This goes strongly for ALL Tom Clancy titles lately!

dgroundwater3050d ago

Well that depends in my opinion. When it's done well (like the upcoming Splinter Cell) there is no harm in breaking away from the usual order taking gameplay. Ghost Recon seems to be doing fine. It stays pretty realistic for the most part. However, trash Tom Clancy like R6V:2 has a plotline which embarrasses his name.

I guess as long as its done well where's the harm? It's not like there haven't been standard ones before it. Blame Jack Bauer and Jason Bourne rouge military types making "breaking the rules" cool for the kids.