Updated Aliens vs Predator Demo Available for the PS3 writes:

As your aware the current AVP Demo has issues with finding others to play with other than friends you invite. SEGA and Rebellion has put up a updated version of the demo.

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JonDiskonected3080d ago

Now I wont have to add a bunch of nobodies off of the net to play this game.

Even with like 30 more friends I still had trouble to play, not everyone is on when I want to play.

mastiffchild3080d ago

Technically, maybe, but they're selling the game on the three different perspectives you play from and in multiplayer you can do that easily while to show it in SP the demo would have had to be three times normal demo lengtnh and as a result take more from the total SP overall.

So, while it may be technically simpler to get your SP demo working it wouldn't be practical for them tro show off human/predator and alien gameplay that way while all the code would already be togther for the online side and they fell down on execution of the invites and matchmaking didn't they? Anyhow-that's why I feel; they went for the MP though I've heard the SP has issues as well!