Updated Aliens Vs. Predator Demo Launched on PlayStation Network

SEGA Europe and Rebellion has just confirmed that a new updated version of the Aliens Vs. Predator demo is available now on PlayStation Network. The first iteration of the Aliens Vs. Predator multiplayer demo has now been taken down from PlayStation Network and replaced with this new version.

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andron6663047d ago

I'll wait and watch for confirmation that it works this time before downloading it...

ZombieStalker3047d ago

The updated demo fixed the match making issues. Fun game!

Kakihara3047d ago

I thought the demo was awful even without considering the matchmaking issues but then I watched someone playing a bit of the Predator single player campaign over the Internet and it actually looked pretty cool. It seemed to have the atmosphere I felt the demo lacked (which I felt was it's main problem).

EvGar3045d ago

Downloading now, let's pray it works. I am curious to see how this game turns out.