IncGamers: Star Trek Online Review

IncGamers' Bill Vaughan tries out Cryptic Studios' latest MMO offering, Star Trek Online. A snip:

"I'm torn over Star Trek Online, I really am. On the one hand, the Trek fan in me is overjoyed with my very own Starfleet vessel, the ability to explore the galaxy with my hand-picked Bridge Officers or fly into battle with Borg cubes armed with my trusty phasers and photon torpedoes. And yes, I can finally wield a tricorder.

On the other hand, I have to admit that I'd hoped for so much more than STO provides."

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AndyA2931d ago

Sounds like a typically erratic Cryptic release.

Fyzzu2931d ago

Disappointing. Was going to give this a try when I got time :(

Maticus2931d ago

Could've been soooo much better :(

Xulfxulf2931d ago

Well everything *could* be better. At least that's what my GF tells me. But what would, as Picard says, Make it so?

Leord2931d ago

Disappointed... I thought it would be better!

Redrudy2931d ago

Seems like a fair score to me. It's a shame it hasn't lived up to expectations, mine included.

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