GayGamer Review: Maestro! Jump In Music

GayGamer writes: "While it may not be the hottest thing off the press, but Maestro! Jump In Music is one of those quirky DS games that begs for attention, even if it has to be imported from Europe. Released late last year with no current plans to come over to North America, Maestro is a lighthearted music rhythm game that mixes it up with 2D platforming action and stylus-driven gameplay. As the titular Maestro, you have been tasked with bringing music back to a silent world by fluttering around the lands atop streams of tightrope. Along the way you'll have to deal with Staccato, the super mean spider that has sealed all the sound away. Your typical level in the game has Maestro running along the tightrope, with the player strumming it and other ropes to release the music, launch Maestro into the air, and push back foes. All of this set to music, of course."

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