Will You Be an Early Adopter Next Gen? writes:

I'm sure we've all caught it before at some point or maybe we know of someone that suffers from it. The desire to be one of the first people in the world to get their hands on the latest, newest pieces of technology.

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reintype2955d ago

For Nintendo's? Maybe.
For the next Xbox? I'll have to buy an insurance first and an extended warranty XP

-Alpha2954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

Both the 360 and PS3 were horrible launch consoles overall for me financially and in terms of reliability.

The PS3 was way too expensive, and there was no way I was sinking over $700 for games and a launch console.

The 360 was like buying a timed explosive.

I honestly am not an early adopter. If a generation winds down I usually slow down and backtrack and pick up games from the lifespan to enjoy. Cheap, $10-$30 games that are just as good.

Then, after a while, once I'm done with that, once I sit back and see the initial smoke settle, I decide my console of choice.

You know, I may pick up a 360 this week just for Halo. Jasper sets have gotten my wall down, and I don't mind paying for LIVE. The question is, will an Arcade model with 20 G upgrade suffice, or should I get an Elite...

I'm not picking up GoW3, HR, Mod Nations (maybe), MAG, or any of those other games anytime soon, and Halo Reach is getting me to think about a 360. The Last Guardian is my most anticipated PS3 exclusive but I love Halo.

plb2953d ago

Elite is your best bet especially with all the reach dlc you can expect.

FlameBaitGod2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

Didn't you know ? bookstores have this book as #1 seller

MS will start bundling 360's with that book. MS is helping the world have more engineers :)

presto7172953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

I've invested quite a bit in my ps3, so I dont see myself leaving it anytime soon. And the best part is that by the time the new set of consoles come around, devs will start maxing out the ps3 so we will be seeing even more awesome games.

Two of my favorite ps2 games, FFXII and GOW II both came out AFTER the ps3 was released. I think that says it all.

champ212953d ago

i already play on the next gen system.

Plays games @ 1920*1200 @60fps 8xaa. I dont wait for when microsoft or sony decide to tell me its time for next gen. PC gaming ftw :P

andron6662953d ago

Bought a PS3 at Euro launch, and will do the same when PS4 comes around...

DaTruth2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

With the PS2, I was gonna hold out until the price dropped; Then I played Oni on my friends PS2 and the next day I was at the mall! And I wasn't even much of a gamer in PS1 era.

With the PS3, I wasn't even trying to delude myself and it payed off because the 60gig is head and shoulders above the every other PS3! I use all my USB, card readers and PS2 backwards compatibility(the best way to play GOW2 original through HDMI and getting to try out the PS2 upscaling shortly after)

No reason not to jump in head first next-gen!

SilentNegotiator2953d ago

I regret buying the 360 early on (And at all).
It's a ticking time bomb, it doesn't have an HDMI port, ALL of the included accessories are broken....

Nope, I'm buying the next consoles (If any of them interest me) at LEAST 2 years AFTER their launch.

Saaking2953d ago

PS4 will be a first day buy.

The next Xbox will probably have to wait a while just to make sure it's reliable and not gimping games.

The next Nintendo console will probably be a first day buy depending on what they do (if it's a traditional console it'll be a first day buy, if it's gimmicky then no).

eagle212953d ago

Can I have that new Nintendo and Sony PlayStation please?

Thank you. DAY ONE!!! :)

lh_swe2953d ago

Exactly what do you mean gimping games? because I don't see MS deliberatly holding games back, sure there are advantages with blu-ray but Sony's innovation isn't MS's fault isn't if you get what I mean and they are trying to do the best with what they have.

sikbeta2953d ago

I miss the Fatty PS3 Backward Compatible + 4 USB Ports + Card Reader, I Know its not Necessary At All but WOW, That Fatty was Really Really Equipped and that's Just Awesome

My PS3 Slim is So Beautiful and All [thank GOD the GF is not in the house cuz It'll be Real Problems lol] but I would love to have the Fatty-Full-Equipped PS3

Gamers FTW!!!

pangitkqb2953d ago

Unless I can get my hands on a few and then jack-up the price in a turn around sale. I did that in 2006 when the Wii launched and made some good money. They we're happy to get the Wii and I was happy to make the $$.

As for my own gaming, I have learned it is best to wait to adopt a new platform. Not only for technical reasons (RRoD, for example), but cost and quality of launch titles. I waited 2 and 1/2 years to get an Xbox and over a year for my PS3. By the time I had both consoles there was a plethora of great games available for both a reasonable prices.

Chubear2953d ago

I always wait a year after ALL consoles are launched before purchasing the one I want. That's ALWAYS worked out great for me in the end. It's hard to wait but I truly commend all those that go out in the first launch window of the consoles and buy them. If not for them...

gamingisnotacrime2953d ago

the PS3 will still be going for at least 2 more years, so i will get the PS4 in its 2 year
as for the 360... i will wait for games that i want, then buy it

ABizzel12953d ago

No. Unless they launch the systems with plenty of good games. I'll buy a PS4 after it's first year to get a good collection of games going so I'll have to catch up, and hopefully by then they'll be a price drop.

I'll buy the MS consoles once it hits $200, and the Nintendo once it hits $150.

mikeslemonade2953d ago

I'm buying the next PlayStation day one and I will eventually get the next xbox. I will not by the next Nintendo because they deserve no money.

shawnsl652953d ago

line up, buy, craiglist/ebay for 3x profit.

rinse and repeat for each generation.

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Foxgod2955d ago

Next xbox day one for sure.

dgroundwater2953d ago (Edited 2953d ago )

No. Waiting 2 years for the Elite was the smartest move I ever made. My friends who bought theirs on day one either RROD'd or now have bought a $100 60GB hard drive to keep up with DLC.

Waiting 1 year minimum is generally a rule of thumb with any console. Then there will be more good games, a better SKU, etc.

HappyTrigger2953d ago

1 agree and 12 disagrees. You pretty much had it coming. :P

ThanatosDMC2953d ago

I wonder if it'll use DVDs still...

Finch2953d ago

I will be there getting the next Xbox day 1. Same as the next Playstation. How ever the next Nintendo i may skip on. The Wii has been nothing but a dust collector and i think i out grow everthing Nintendo a long time ago. Just didnt want to amit it. You ask me MS and Sony are the only true console makers anymore and i will support both in the future!

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spunnups2953d ago

If the PS4 has launch games like Resistance:Fall of Man or Motorstorm on the PS4 you can count me in. I got my PS3 about 2 months after launch after seeing Resistance Ads and playing Motorstorm for the first time at Gamestop.

remanutd552953d ago

i will probably get the ps4 on released date but Motorstorm , Resistance , Heavenly Sword on release date would make it a 100% buy for sure

HOSe2953d ago

im going to be using my ps3 till the apocalypse, which , according to my calculations, is 2 years away

TheTwelve2953d ago

Turbografx16, Genesis, PS1, PS2, PS3, Gameboy, Gamegear, DS, PSP...

Only ones I ever regretted were Turbografx and Gamegear.

Sony has never let me down.


TheTwelve2953d ago

Oh yeah, Saturn and regretted that.


boodybandit2953d ago

that is only because I am a 2D fighter FREAK!
2D fighters on the Saturn were 2nd to none at the time they were released. I still have the 8meg ram cartridge.

DaTruth2953d ago

Too bad about Turbografix; By far the best of the 16bit consoles! Would love to play Keith's courage and Bonk's Adventure/revenge again!

redsquad2953d ago

You regretted your Saturn purchase? Nooooooo........ ;)
I love that big black brick (still have it somewhere, albeit in less than working order). Daytona USA kicked Ridge Racer's arse, at leats until they mucked up it up with the 'deluxe edition'.

TheTwelve2953d ago

I wanted more RPGs on the Saturn, and after I beat Bonk's Adventure I had nothing to play so I traded it in for Genesis.


mayberry2953d ago

I loved tthat alot of arcade games were on the tubogrfx system! street fighter, r-type etc.. I also liked castlvania. I also get most systems at launch cept 360. even though I have wanted one for the ME games!

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