Interplay aiming to develop new Descent, Earthworm Jim games

Following the breaking news that Interplay shares have moved around en masse, Interplay investors have revealed that the company is in the process of getting funding to develop a variety of new games from its classic library of titles including Descent, Earthworm Jim, and Dark Alliance.

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Cajun Chicken2894d ago

They've been saying this for ages.

I want a new EWJ and MDK3 dammit, quit wasting time purely on a Fallout MMO that may run you dry.

BlackIceJoe2894d ago

I think this is great news I have wanted a new Descent for years. I also so want to see a new MDK. I really hope all works out for Interplay with the Fallout mmo game. I really want to see them come back from death. So I hope when they bring out there new games they sell really well.

PimplePopperMD2894d ago

I was playing Descent when the author was a seed. Direct connecting, 14.4kbps modem to modem with a friend of mine. 'Nobody pick up the phone!' Amazing PC game. I will pick up a new Descent on day one.

Letros2894d ago (Edited 2894d ago )

I remember those days, OMFG MOM WHY DID YOU PICK UP THE PHONE! Descent was one of the first PC games I played, came as freeware on my Acer Pentium 100 Mhz with 1 MB of VRAM!

nice name btw, best show ever

Xof2894d ago

Descent? Earthworm Jim? Really?

Let's see some Freespace love. I mean, come on, it's the only game in the history of gaming that actually managed to write a decent story involving randomly evil aliens! Come on!