Bungie eclipses God of War Hype in 7:45

Al Hess of Burn360 writes : As a multiplatform gamer I cannot help but be more excited for Reach after seeing the Reach beta modes in action. Not only does the Reach video showcase graphics that are on par or greater than God Of War III in its final build. The game is still in development. It's bound to look even better at launch. For anyone that is thinking that Kratos is going pull a fast one and snag GOTY in 2010 is fooling themselves. I think after God of War III drops and doesn't push the systems that Sony predicts that it will, it's time for Sony to revitalize the project. It just not as exciting as it once was. It just doesn't spark the interest in anyone other than a hardcore God of War fan.

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xTruthx2743d ago

lol seriously, you cant take any 1 seriously when they say this almost at the beginning "after seeing the Reach beta modes in action. Not only does the Reach video showcase graphics that are on par or greater than God Of War III" that's when you realize how blind people can be lol. Reach will look great ? yes, better than god of war 3 in the graphics department ? no

Bungie2743d ago

i loves both vids

but Halo Reach is far superior game IMO

FangBlade2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

"Not only does the Reach video showcase graphics that are on par or greater than God Of War III in its final build. The game is still in development. It's bound to look even better at launch. For anyone that is thinking that Kratos is going pull a fast one and snag GOTY in 2010 is fooling themselves. I think after God of War III drops and doesn't push the systems that Sony predicts that it will"

Hilarious! and look at the source! omg im laughing so hard i can hardly breath! this is one of the funniest sh!t i ever seen on N4G! Halo Reach will be a good game, yes. but after seeing the ViDoc I finally understand why the 360 fanboys always say "its not about the graphics, its about the gameplay". This article is emberessing.

LordMarius2743d ago

LMAO at the bots who actually think that Gheylo: Reach-Around looks graphically impressive.

Come back when your crapbox can pull Killzone 2 graphics kiddies

blitz06232743d ago

Wow Damage Control from a fansite. Can't handle that GoW3 epic trailer? Poor guys

we won2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

LOL now this type of article is spam/flame bait? lol

This article is right though Halo Reach destroyed Sony's year not just GOW3(halo Reach has impressive graphics, more action and processing going with AI, number of Ai's, vehicles, 4 player co-op) Hell while GOW3 supposedly destroyed the X10 event, the whole world and all of the media were busy being amazed by what was shown at MSFT's event, the MSFT event content simply was not released until hours after the event.



Metro 2033>Alan Wake>Splinter Cell>Brink>Uncharted 2>Halo Reach>Killzone 2>GOW3

Halo is just a bigger game that alone destroys GOW3

Anyways I don't expect PS3 fanboys to ever admit the truth, Graphics seem to be the only reason PS3 fanboys value the PS3, it's all about brand bragging rights.

Shadow Flare2743d ago

What a well written article. What a well written, impartial article. Couldn't see any favouritism or bias anywhere in that article at all. Impartiality was spread evenly throughout this article. He was obviously not a rabid 360 fanboy who sleeps, eats and dreams halo, and is certainly not the kind of rabid fanboy who would be so foolish as to claim halo reach "eclipses" god of war 3 graphically. What a professional writer.

In case you couldn't tell, I was being sarcastic

LordMarius2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )


Uncharted 2 >= Killzone 2 >= God of War 3 >>> Halo: Reach

Graphics wise

Edit: I forgot to include GT5, dont know what order it belongs but i know

GT5 >>> Halo:Reach

Graphic wise

Hellsvacancy2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Its like sayin a Ford Modeo ST-220 (which i drive) is better then a Porch (which i really really want)

U cant compare a FPS 2 a 3rd Person Shooter (i know its not a shooter, habbit)

And IF u do, your an idiot

eagle212743d ago

Now Reach is already lord, what's wrong with the 360 fanbase these days? :)

2743d ago
Megaton2743d ago

I lol'd. Bungie has never been a graphical powerhouse. It's just not what they do. You can like Halo more than God of War all day long, but Reach eclipses GoW3 in graphics? That's just idiocy squared.

bpac1234567892743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

lmao I stopped reading at "Not only does the Reach video showcase graphics that are on par or greater than God Of War III in its final build..." I think that people allow there favoritism for certain games to cloud there reason. It's sad that these websites are worst fanboys than some of there viewers. If he honestly believes that halo reach looks in any way superior to GOW3 than please "puff, puff, pass."

Rush2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Having played the GOW3 demo and looked at every single trailer I can't understand why people keep pretending its some graphical beast. Uncharted 2 is stunning but its a set piece game so it should be. And Kill Zone 2 that was truly a stunning game I don't think currently the 360 has a game released to compete with that.

Am not trying to be bias here but honestly GOW3 looks just above average graphically to me. If you want a good looking console game I wouldn't say Reach is that amazing either although I would say its a more powerful game the GOW3.

Am sorry this is going to offend some of you but Alan Wake blows both GOW3 and Reach out of the window graphically. Am talking purely graphically as well which is the better game who knows.

But seriously I was talking to some mates about this 2 days ago showing them some GOW3 comments here on N4G. They couldn't figure out if everyone was blatantly stupid or lying to themselves. Because in the graphics department sure its above average but it's not amazing nor will it ever be in my opinion.

blasian2743d ago

its so sad he had to resort to a defensive stance after realizing chaos will rise again...

hay2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It'll be great game, will sell incredibly, looks good. But not PS3-good.

FUD at it's finest. Some people can't enjoy their games without downplaying other's.

Karsghul2743d ago

I like how pro 360 websites can't help themselves and talk about PS3 exclusives, clearly they are felling the burn(pun fully intended).

2743d ago
marinelife92743d ago

This one is just as funny as people being "blown away" by Alan Wake trailers.

My advice to any 360 fans. Only compare your games to titles on your own system. That's what PS3 fans do.

thewhoopimen2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

*shakes head* MS & fans are giving their last push here it seems to change public perception. I dunno, but such narrow sighted and blatantly biased crap can only be taken so far. I can't handle this type of tripe coming out of MS PR & Sons anymore.

Face it, both franchises are at the end of their rope. Santa Monica is trying to end God of War III with a bang. Microsoft is just trying to milk Halo for every godamn penny 360 peons can come up with before they part ways with Bungie.

PS I don't dislike Bungie Studios. Myth and Marathon were some of my favorite games ever. I've respected them since their Macintosh roots. I however, don't like how MS used them to milk Halo.

Delive2743d ago

The same could be said for Reach. I prefer the PS3 myself for several reasons. I enjoy the 360 and see that it is better in some areas. I'm a realist. But to downplay GoW3 is simply foolish. I do know 360 enthusiast who have no plans on getting a PS3, but want to play Gow3, even slightly hinting at getting one to play it. On the other hand, I LOVED Halo: CE. had a strong liking for Halo 2, Enjoyed Halo 3 and was disappointed by ODST. I didn't even feel compelled to play it for more than 3 hours. Reach may go to be one of the greatest games ever made, but I have no interest to follow it at this point. I feel the franchise has been on the down since Halo 2.

No flame bait intended. Just speaking straight.

MmaFanQc2743d ago

this blog link should be in the dictionary as an example of Damage Control"

sparta762743d ago

This guy has too be on crack!
Not saying gow is gonna be a better game,
but graphics go!, Come on!!!!

Look everybody RUSH is high again!!

2-oj2743d ago

** enough said! :D

Should called *360burn* ;D

GiantEnemyCrab2743d ago

I don't get what this article is trying to prove? I thought both trailers were impressive but I don't know why this site chose to bring God of War into a fight with Halo.

It's just as stupid as the folks here claiming that God Of War is so superior as fact..

u got owned2743d ago

Flame bait article begging for hits. Don't fall for it people.

bnaked2743d ago

grafically without a doupt:

Gears of War 2 > Halo Reach

And yes,

Uncharted 1 > Gears of War 2

Halo Reach is not that good! People are claiming that it's looking so damn great, because it's a HALO game.

nix2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

and here i was wasting my time watching comedy movie to entertain... lemme forward this joke to others...

InfectedDK2743d ago

Well everything aside.. I'm not a God of War fan at all..!
I have tried God of War I a couple of times or something..
Anyway, I am looking forward to God of War III much!
I have the demo and I want the full game..
One of ma' mates/homies/friends said to me a week ago that he consider buying a PS3 only because of THAT game.. LOL..

Unicron2743d ago

Crab, bubbles for your use of logic.

2-oj2743d ago

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WildArmed2743d ago

I must need glasses coz i dont see how Reach gfx compare to GoW3..
plus they are totally different games..

Oh wait, I guess the glasses your using are the fanboy ones.

Halo Reach is going to be great, no doubt about it. But saying it looks better than GoW3.... lol.

but for the record, both Halo and GoW set the standards very high for their genre's gameplay.

btw.. 'Bungie' eclipses God of War hype...
so a dev over GoW?

you know, even in High School freshman composition they teach you to write better titles that make sense.

Anyways, can't wait for both games.. atm, i more hyped for GoW3 (it bloody comes out 1 day before my BDAY!) and since it's closer to launch.

gonna be in the beta all summer long!

Hellsvacancy2743d ago

Meerkat "LOL, you bought a Mondeo ST 220. Therefore your judgement is critically flawed and all your opinions are worthless"

PLEASE explain your-self?

I paid 17 and a half grand 4-my car and 8 thousand of that woz paid in CASH (dont ask wot i do 4 a livin) when woz the last time u had that much cash on the hip 2-do summin like that?

thewhoopimen2743d ago

Whatever you do, it sure doesn't require you to spell... jeezus.

raztad2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

It's possible Reach, or even ODST for that matter, can look better than GoW3 provided you are using a Standard Definition (=480i) TV set. I'm almost certain that's the case of big chunk of the xbox fanbase.

In a more positive note. GoW3 is my most expected game ever. The mindblowing trailer proves the wait is worth of it. Just a month to go.