New Disgaea title heading to PS3

RPGSite: Nippon Ichi have revealed that a new title in the cult hit Disgaea series will be arriving on the PS3 in their next fiscal year as part of their financial reports to investors.

The niche JRPG specialists reported that in the next fiscal term they intend to release eight new titles, six of which will be 'original' - presumably new properties. It could also mean six all-new games and two ports.

One of the eight titles was confirmed to be the 'latest' entry in the Disgaea series for the PS3.

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Natsu X FairyTail2956d ago

Good. I have the game on PSP & DS and I really like SRPGS.

Godmars2902956d ago

Being serious here. If D3 had had some of the cheap animation tricks like in the new PSP graphic novel adventure, it would have been a much better game.

Just don't try 3D polygons.

OmarJA-N4G2956d ago

Another one? obviously the PS3 is the best choice for RPG titles. :)

Hellsvacancy2956d ago

"One of the eight titles"

Perkel2956d ago

SWEEEEEEETTT !!!! I loved D3 :D

Maybe this time they will give us proper HD sprites :D because those in D3 were fugly but the game itself was of best SRPG's around

Ravage272956d ago

i love the Disgaea series. Wonder if they are going to use a different engine for this

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