10° : Alan Wake Preview writes : "At long last Alan wake has been given a release date. Microsoft announced at x10 that May the 18th in the US and 21st in the UK would see it hitting the shelves.

We're taking look at the upcoming XBOX360 exclusive that promises so much but has taken an age to finally arrive. So whats in store for you.

Well the game centers around Alan Wake who is a writer of physiological thrillers who unfortunately has spent the last 2 years suffering from writers block. In an attempt to restore his creativity his wife has taken him away to a picturesque little mountain town for the weekend. All very exciting, but that's just the beginning. When he wakes to find his wife is missing, he soon figures out he is trapped in a nightmare inside his latest book, a book which he cant remember writing. Are you just as puzzled as we are about what the hell is going on?."

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